Sunday, October 31


Happy Halloween!

This weekend, whether you played monster, fairy, ghoul, or Gaga...I hope you enjoyed yourself! I certainly did! Halloween & Christmas are almost neck-and-neck as my favorite holidays! The festivities started Friday, when we headed downtown for a midnight viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Now, I have never actually seen the iconic 1975 film that is Rocky Horror. But in anticipation of Tuesday's Rocky Horror Glee episode, I at least googled the plot and the Time Warp. Glee was awesome, and it really made me excited for our outing on Friday! Not one to go to a dress-up event without dressing up, I really had fun with it :) Makes me miss doing theater! 

It was QUITE the experience! Have you ever been to a viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show??? I mean, I heard there was audience participation and such...but I think my jaw was dropped for the duration of the movie because I wasn't expecting a line from the audience during every pause of the movie! LOL. I'm glad I went, it's definitely a life experience worth having! Haha.

Moving on to Saturday, I slept in a bit, and took my dogs to the dog park! This weekend had to be the most beautiful Halloween weekend in the history of Colorado Halloweens! 80 degree weather?!?! Incredible! After the dog park, it was time to get ready to go corn mazing! I have never been to a corn maze before, and this was tons of fun! Creepy "mental patients" crawling through bus windows, clowns breathing down my neck, and men chasing me with chainsaws...every girl's dream! But no, it was scary in that nervous giggling way, so it was perfect!

After the corn maze, it was time to put on my witch get-up! Off to our party we co-hosted with Mandrew, and we had SUCH a fun time! Our double beer pong table was a hit! 

There was flip cup, dancing, snacks, and a costume contest {I won scariest costume!} Here are some photos from the night! The face paint started to go downhill after 4 hours...but that's to be expected :)

Isn't Malificent incredible?

Haha, totally at the end of the night :)

My cutie pie husband. Today, 7 years ago, he kissed me for the first time :)
And now I'm sitting on the couch with my costume-clad puppies catching up on my DVR and wistfully thinking about living in a neighborhood where children actually go Trick-Or-Treating. It's 9pm and we've had 8 kids total. Dammit. Well, looks like my coworkers will be getting lucky at work this week when I bring my leftovers in on Weds! Would you like to see those costume-clad puppies? Surprisingly, they've kept them on since Saturday morning! I was anticipating that the costumes would be in shreds within minutes, but they don't seem to mind dressing up too badly! They're my little flower & businessman! Enjoy :)

Haha, my little munchkins :)

Happy Halloween!!!
What were you this weekend?
Cheers :)


  1. Happy Halloween pretty girl :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time at your party! ...and I'm bummed that I didn't make it. I was able to get some packing done...and after a minor freakout, I was coaxed out of the house for about two hours by a good friend of mine. It was actually much-needed (you were so right!).

    Awesome the pups too!

    Happy Halloween, girl.

    <3 Pro

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun, and the pups are adorable!

  4. Cute pictures! I did a photo opp with Rosie too! It's a must! hope you had an amazing Halloween!!

  5. Oh my gosh, your dogs are adorable!!! Love those little costumes!! :)

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