Friday, April 30

fill in the blank friday - movie edition!

It's time for Lauren at The Little Things We Do's weekly Fill in the Blank Friday! This week it's all about movies and the stars who stud them. :)

1. My absolute favorite movie of all time is: The Lion King, Titanic, and Home Alone. Love em love em love em :)

2. My favorite movie as a child was: The Little Mermaid (OBSESSED - my first movie in the theaters, I was the girl in kindergarten with LM t-shirts, pencils, lunch box, shoelaces...) Fern Gully, Milo & Otis, An American Tale, Home Alone, and The Witches (so scary as a kid!!!). Okay - so you've probably started to notice, I don't always have one ultimate favorite for things! Especially movies - I freaking LOVE movies. Note my Disney obsession in this past post...

3. The best movie quote ever is from: Wedding Crashers - "Rule excuses, play like a champion!" My husband and I legit use this quote almost daily! And it sometimes reminds me to quit my b****in' about certain situations and just get the job done!

4. My favorite actress is: Dakota Fanning! #1 fan right here!!! I have ADORED her since I Am Sam and everything I have ever seen her do has been brilliant. She has such raw talent - just in awe.

Also My favorite actor is: Leonardo DiCaprio. Love love love this guy. He chooses such incredible scripts, is the muse of one of the most amazing directors ever, and is sexy as hell to boot. Catch Me if You Can, anyone? Amazing!

5. The movie I could watch over and over is: Love Actually and Home Alone. Both holiday movies - I think it's because I love anything that involves the topic of family love brought together over the holidays. Holiday movies ROCK.

6. My favorite movie genre is: aside from Christmas movies, I am ALWAYS down for a rom com! My favorite for sure. Then I'd have to say I love the raunchy comedies like Beerfest, Sooper Troopers, Wedding Crashers, etc. Such a riot, and always gives you the best movie lines! I DO NOT DO HORROR/SLASHER films. So don't ask or suggest one. Please and thank you.

7. A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is: Sherlock Holmes. Looks hilarious and it just came out on dvd! Redbox, here I come!
Hope you all had a great Friday, and if you have any movie suggestions for me, I'd love to know about them!

Thursday, April 29

shopping shopping shopping

Yesterday was such a blast! I went shopping at Cherry Creek with Lindsey at They Call Me Pro. Hooray! We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen - YUM.O. We then did a complete round on both levels of the mall - phew! I managed to keep everything under control! I have been needing some new Nikes for a while, and I found a pair! They were even "on sale" - which meant normally $115 and priced down to $89. So, $26 off, but still pricey! I also got my mom the MOST incredible Mother's Day gift! I can't tell you what it is because she is very sneaky and reads my blog sometimes ;) So I'll tell you about it after Mother's Day! It was so nice to hang out with a friend who is so easy to get along with! Very refreshing and lots of fun! 

Today I was reading an entry at Bon Bon Rose Girls and it was about wall decals. It TOTALLY inspired me to get cracking on finishing decorating my townhome! Everything is in its place, but I'm not done with ANY room in the house, and we've lived here since September! Yikes! So I have made a list of rooms that need to be finished and what I want to do in each room. Realistically, we'll have to wait on some of the furniture "needs" for a while, but a lot of the other stuff I can get done! So back to the decals, here is one I am thinking about putting up above our bed! 

Although since our walls are white, I am thinking green branches and not sure what color birds.

Here is our room as of now, you can see that space above our bed would be PERFECT!

So excited! So, I am starting my projects TODAY! I am finishing a painting for my mom then putting together shadow boxes for Penny and Gryffin. Yay! 

Does anyone have a favorite store to find home decorating things for a good price?
Thanks & Cheers!

Tuesday, April 27

celebrating love

Wow - can I just say that I am on a blogging roll this week?!? 

Anyhoo - so yesterday turned out to be a wonderful first anniversary! Tyler got home from school and we went to the gym together for a good sweat sesh. Check. 

We then came home where I literally rushed to get ready because I was SO excited to eat sushi! lol. We went to Banzai Sushi and it was quite an experience! Apparently this was my most legit sushi excursion thus far because we got some food that I didn't quite know how to eat! Like a handroll...I had no idea what to do at first...
Although the name should be self-explanatory (20/20 hindsight, right?) - you pick it up like an ice cream cone and just go to town!

We got some odd rolls with interesting combinations, so it wasn't overall my favorite sushi place. But the service was FABULOUS, and we were there during happy hour where the glasses of wine were $3 and there had to be at least 6 oz per glass! Cha-ching! 

After dinner we decided to forgo our movie theater plans and just hit up RedBox instead. We rented Planet 51 and Slammin' Salmon. Planet 51 was actually SUPER funny! We loved it!!! And Slammin' Salmon was pretty good - the latest installment by Broken Lizard, the boys who brought you Club Dread, Sooper Troopers, and Beer Fest. It wasn't as good as Sooper Troopers or Beer Fest, but it had me chucklin :)

I had so much fun snuggling on the couch with the love of my life. It still astounds me that after over 6 years of being together, I am so head over heels in love with him. It makes me giddy and I truly feel like the luckiest woman alive :) 

Oh and don't worry, we didn't get parched during the movies. We had a bottle of wine with each. Lol. Woke up with a slightly doozy head this morning ;)

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, April 26

omg, gross!

Well, so today is my anniversary, and Tyler has school. I figured while he was in school I would get out our wedding cake and set it up all pretty on our gorgeous cake platter. I take the box out of the fridge, take off the layers of saran wrap, cut through the tape, open the lid, and find...


So, apparently it got frozen with our flowers on it. Now the flowers are moldy and rotted and NASTY!!! I'm legit so bummed! But I guess it's for the best, my @$$ certainly doesn't need a few pieces of cake added on to it! I'll make up for the calories tonight :) We are going out for sushi and a movie, followed by some vino from our honeymoon to Napa last year! Yippee!

Here is a picture of our wedding cake in its prime. It was so lovely! Lemon poppy seed with 5 raspberry cream layers torted in. Vanilla buttercream frosting! Mmmmmm. 

It was delicious!
While I endured that tragedy, at least I have two freaking adorable puppies :) Here's a picture of them from the other night.

Awwww. Love them!

Okay, happy Monday! Cheers -

Sunday, April 25

fill in the blank...sunday?

Okay, okay, so I realize it's supposed to be Fill in the Blank Friday! I got the idea from my lovely friend Erin at C'est La Vie to participate in this fun weekly blog. But it originally comes from Lauren at The Little Things We Do. I just started following her - her blog is so cute! So, I wanted to participate on Friday (when you're supposed to), but if you read my last post you'll know that I was waiting for my 50th post to be super dooper special, so I couldn't very well make it a fill-in-the-blank post. So, today I am doing it on Sunday! And hopefully I'll get with the Friday program this week :)

Here goes nothin!

1.  One song that always takes me back to my youth is   I have three, actually. 1) "Free Fallin' " by Tom Petty! I used to think it was "Freak Fallin" and would shout this out the window of my house...hmmm...wonder what the neighbors thought of me!  2) "Slow Ride" by Foghat. Except I thought it was "Snow White". haha "Snow White, Take it Easayyy." My parents always asked me to sing this song to them, now I know it's because they thought it was hilarious! And 3) Anything from Amy Grant's CD Heart In Motion. Sang it at the top of my lungs on a daily basis .

2.  My first concert ever was     Backstreet Boys on Halloween in 7th grade!!! I was oh so in love with them. I'll never forget it - went with one my all-time best friends Sarah at Starting Now:Reflections on Life.

3.  If I could create my dream music festival I'd want these bands to be there:     Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Rhianna, Britney, Green Day, Weezer, Gaga, Phil so random

4.  The best make-out/"boot knocking" song ever is     I don't really like over-planned moments, so there's not usually mood music on!

5.  The best concert I've ever been to was    Red Hot Chili Peppers! Summer of 2006 at the Pepsi Center. Freaking incredible show!!! Although, Tom Petty takes a close second, and the Black Eyed Peas sits pretty in third .

6.  A memorable musical moment for me was        Watching my cousin's amazing band, Otherside of Clearview play at their CD release show. He was so in his element and they freaking rocked the house! I was so proud of him but also so busy jammin and dancin!   

7.  The song on my iPod that's getting the most play these days is      Red Hot Chili Peppers still wins. On my running mix, some of my faves are "One Step at a Time" by Jordin Sparks and "There's Gotta be More" by Stacie Oricco .

quite monumental!

Hello friends, readers, followers, non-followers...I know I have been MIA for quite some time. And I have an explanation, really, I do! Although it is kind of silly, after my last post 2 weeks ago, I realized that my next post was going to be my 50th! So I was kind of waiting to write my next post until there was something worthy of the 50th post. haha. Pretty lame, I know. 

Anyway, tomorrow is my 1-Year-Anniversary of being married to Tyler! Craziest year ever, it just flew by! I have been meaning to write a blog about how we met/our story/etc. for quite some time, and seeing as how he is the best thing in my life, I figured our story would be perfect and most worthy of my 50th blog post :)

Let me preface this story be saying that if you ask Tyler, he'll tell you we met in 8th grade. We both played competitive soccer, and our teams scrimmaged each other every few weeks. We went to different junior highs, but there were lots of boys from my junior high on his team. I also happened to "go out" with a few of those boys. So, he says he met me as Jason's girlfriend, then Dan's girlfriend, then Jason's girlfriend Whatever. Tyler was always the SUPER shy guy, while I was a little (okay a lot) more on the outgoing side, so I honestly don't remember meeting him in junior high.

Fast forward to high school. Apparently we went to high school sophomore and junior years together without ever crossing paths. Senior year (2003), we both became members of Peers - a counseling team of students who did presentations on depression/suicide and sexual harassment (major tangent - but one of the school counselors who helped lead the group of Peers is now in jail for sex acts with minors...awkward). So the first time I really remember meeting him was in August of 2003, when we had a Peer retreat before school started to get to know each other. I met him, thought he was cool but really quiet, and that was kind of it. 


we happened to both be in the most romantic class together - AP Calculus. Yep, sexy. I was naturally not paying attention one day, and instead was just people watching. My eyes came to Tyler, and with a sudden realization, I thought, "Wow, he's super cute!!!" So then I decided to put the charm on and flirt with him whenever I could. During this time of me *attempting* to court Tyler, I think I literally batted my eyelashes at him - that was how hard I was working! I invited him to hang out, go to school plays, etc...and he politely declined all my invitations. After a month of my pursuing him, I was getting frustrated! 

So, on Halloween, a bunch of us went trick-or-treating then to a friend's house for a little party. I announced to my two best friends that I was done chasing a guy who CLEARLY didn't like me. I threw my hands up in defeat, knowing I had certainly done my best. One of my friends walked over to Tyler and said, "Kaity's done trying to get you to notice her. Do you like her or not?" To which he replied, "Kaity likes me?" So oblivious to all of my efforts. (He now says he just thought I was being friendly all that time...). Then he did something real awkward. He walked over to me and just stood behind me with his arms around me. WTF. Didn't I just write this guy off? He was ignoring me for over a month and now he's got his arms around me? Then he said he had to go get some sleep since he had to get up early the next morning. I said bye, and he KISSED me and walked away. As I watched him leave, jaw dropped, butterflies in a frenzy in my stomach, I knew this was definitely the strangest way I'd ever hooked a guy.

After two weeks, I was literally in love with him. I know this is so cliche to say, but I am such a strong proponent of "when you know, you know" because I honestly could see myself marrying him after such a short time together. There is a reason sayings become cliche, and I think it's because there has got to be some sort of truth to the saying, otherwise they wouldn't be said so often!

We became so close, best friends, and spent hours and hours just talking. He was everything I ever imagined my boyfriend to be. Ridiculously intelligent, good looking, athletic (arguably one of the best soccer defenders I had ever seen play), romantic, family-oriented, and sincerely a good person. I never once second-guessed our relationship, my family loved and approved of him (a first for my boyfriends) and when he chose not to go to Montana for college, and also turned down a full-ride scholarship to another college to stay in Fort Collins to go to CSU with me, I knew we were forever. 

We enjoyed college, having fun independently but growing as a couple every day. We never officially lived together until after we got engaged our senior year in college. So, here is how he proposed. We went to Estes Park every year for our dating anniversary, and this year (our 4th anniversary), he promised me we could get those old-fashioned saloon pictures taken together. I had always wanted to. We got dressed up and took a few pictures. 
After a few shots, he said, "I have an idea for another pose." I said, "Oh, really? What?" I was surprised he was taking initiative in a photo shoot situation. He brought out a box, opened it, and asked, "Will you marry me?!?!"
It was so surreal! I knew this moment was coming at some point (I had picked out my ring), but I was NOT expecting it in the middle of our old-fashioned photo shoot!
I screamed for a few seconds, then I was aware of the photographer and didn't know whether to smile or dance around the room or lay a big kiss on Tyler. But then, finally, I remembered to say YES! It was wonderful :) (PS - my mother was beyond THRILLED that my engagement photo consisted of me holding a liquor bottle in one hand, a shot glass in the other, and also I had gum in my mouth...classy)

The planning of our wedding was so fun, and I took 1 1/2 years to enjoy engagement with my fiancee.
You are only engaged for such a short time in the grand scheme of things, so I wanted to enjoy it! Our wedding was magical and perfect.
We had such a fun time, celebrating our love in front of our friends and family. The reception was an absolute party, and so was the after party at Lucky Joe's! 
We honeymooned in Napa Valley and San Francisco, where the wine and food were plentiful! 

This last year has been a whirlwind of moving to a new city, a new job, starting school, buying a home, buying a car, adding 2 crazy puppies to our family...but I wouldn't change a thing :)

Happy FIRST Anniversary to the one who completes me and makes me strive to be a better person each and every day!

Cheers :)

Sunday, April 11

a braaand newwww carrrrr!

So, maybe I exaggerated a little bit in my last post. It wasn't the best week ever, but I do know that of course worse things could happen. Friday was just the culmination of a frustrating week and car stuff ALWAYS gets the best of me. So, instead of getting a used or "certified preowned" vehicle...and having to deal with potential issues, we decided to get a new car! A 2010 Honda CRV in fact! It's "urban titanium metallic" - so basically a sparkly dark gray! I love it! We didn't think we could afford an SUV-type vehicle, but it was fairly affordable and it really will work out great with the dogs and trips to mountains for camping and snowboarding and everything! I am really looking forward to that because with two small cars, we haven't been able to take advantage of our beautiful mountains here in Colorado! So here is a little pic of our new car:
So far we really love it! The dogs think it's pretty cool! Speaking of the dogs, they started their intermediate training class this afternoon. They actually did really well! I was nervous because Gryffin is so easily distracted, and the intermediate class is based on following commands despite distractions. He actually was the winner in a let's-see-who-can-stay-the-longest contest! Woohoo! I'm a proud mama :)

This week all of the Disney movies I ordered have arrived! I watched Tarzan the other day, Tyler and I watched The Sword in the Stone Friday night, Princess and the Frog last night, and are watching Mulan tonight! SCORE! Love all of them :) Due to our rather large purchase yesterday, looks like I'll be postponing my Disney movie collecting, though. Boo. Looks like I'll have to be better at budgeting. I haven't really done too well with a budget before because we haven't exactly needed to. Welp, now we need to. No more shoe shopping extravaganzas, Disney sprees, or puppy treats for all at Petsmart...*sigh*. 

This weekend flew by WAY too fast! I need another...but I have to work Mon-Thurs (12 hr shifts) during the day this week. Wish me luck - I'll need it! 

Have a great week, everyone!
Cheers to Monday???

Saturday, April 10

my week from hell. yep.

So, I'm just going to say it, as cliche as it is...WHEN IT RAINS IT EFFING POURS! This week, it poured acid rain. Ugh. So I worked Tues, Weds, Thurs, was low volumed 8 hours total (not too shabby considering what it has been...). Tuesday night started my craptastic events: I was setting up a room for a new delivery on my unit. I lowered the bed so the patient would be able to easily get in. Going about my business when a nurse sprints in the room..."You've pulled the code blue alarm, girl!!!" First of all it takes me a second to register what exactly code blue is since we have about 20 different colored codes - but i do know that code = emergency = not good. Oh yeah, code blue is the cardiac arrest alarm! How in the I realize a part of the bed had gotten stuck on the code blue lever and pulled the alarm when I lowered the bed, I hear on the speakers overhead "Code Blue, 3 East, Code Blue, 3 East." F***. The nurse called the operator to cancel the alarm as about 10 nurses from units all on the third floor come into the room looking for a mom under cardiac arrest. Just me, standing there like a still image from Home Alone with my hands on my face and my jaw dropped. Next, the code blue TEAM of life saver specialists come in with their fancy life saving kits...I'm still standing there. Everyone is looking at me. "Um, heh heh...I pulled the alarm on accident. Sorry, everyone. Good response time, though..." I. Was. Mortified. And embarrassed. And let me tell you, I don't embarrass easily. My coworkers were great about it. Everyone had a story about something dumb they have done over the years. It did make me feel better, although news does travel quickly and everyone asked me about my little "incident" over the next few nights. I'm kind of laughing about it now, though. Kind of. 

The next few nights at work were uneventful but I kind of forgot how to speak English. I just was a bumbling mumbling mess. I just decided that it was not my week. But surely it would all get better after my shifts. I was planning on spending Friday with my friend, celebrating the opening home game for the Rockies this season. First of all, I showed up to my friend's house and she committed the biggest girl hang out no-no! We had agreed upon a totally casual style for the I showed up in capris, Nikes, a tank top, and a track jacket. Casual. My friend opens the door and I am greeted with a girl in a stunning green floor length strapless summer dress and heels. Effffffffffff. Are you kidding me? Not the biggest of deals ever, but kind of, you know?!?! So I knew I was going to fit in fine at the sports bars, but I was still annoyed to be the under-dressed one in a gaggle of dress-clad girls. Things started out fine, but I made the terrible decision of agreeing on vodka-red bulls to be our drink of the day. Vodka is my kryptonite. It literally turns me into a crazy person. I know this, but I figured it had been a long time since I had seen this crazy person, so maybe it would all be fine. Hmmm, not so. You see, the thing is, when drinking without Tyler I usually end up getting a strong urge to see him. Then no one can really distract me from my goal. So I just left the bar and started walking home. To Aurora. From downtown Denver. Tyler met me and picked me up, but in the middle of a crazy street during rush hour...his clutch died. So I had to steer (in my VERY questionable driving state) while he pushed the car and we parked in a gas station. Over an hour later...we had a tow truck. In the meantime, I fell asleep on the car door and the dogs were losing their minds being cooped up for that long. We got towed to Pep Boys near our house, but had no dog leashes so I just decided to trust that our dogs would listen to me and walked them home off-leash. You could tell they were so stoked about their freedom, but surprisingly, they listened pretty well. We got home and I was just exhausted from my 4 hours of sleep the night before, the lack of food, emotional exhaustion from the car situation, and intoxication from the vodka red bulls...and the crying ensued. That's another biological reaction that I have to vodka. Yikes. Mess = me. 

This morning, I woke up feeling much better...until freaking Pep Boys called to tell us that the clutch was dead and the car needed a bunch of other things done to it. An estimated $1500 of work. Fracking frack. We already put almost $1000 into this stupid 16-year-old car in the fall. I didn't even want to fix it then. So I'm so over this car and NOT paying to fix it. We could get another used car...but I just don't even want to deal with it. So now, instead of Hawaii...we are buying a car. Don't know how we are going to afford another expense like paying off a car, but I guess we will have to. OMFG. 

So over this week.
Thank goodness for blogging so I can vent. 

Saturday, April 3

operation disney fix

Okay, so remember in February my post about my obsession and complete adoration of classic Disney movies? Well, this morning I woke up wishing I could watch some Disney flicks...and...well let me back track a second. As you also may know, I have been reading the Confessions of a Shopaholic series, and I just finished the third one last night. While I REALLY enjoy these books - they are hilarious, witty, frothy, and girly - (the type of book I've just got to read after a string of serious ones), maybe the central subject and main character are rubbing off on Because what do I do when I suddenly want to watch a Disney movie? Go to and buy 7SEVEN7 of them! haha. But really, I've totally justified most of it. Tyler and I already agreed that Gryffin was kind of our anniversary present to each other, but then he said maybe I could spend $50 on Disney movies (so long as they aren't all Princess ones) and that could be a joint gift too. Score! Then I was going to spend about $25 on myself as a reward for my 8 day workout stretch. So that covers $75, and only leaves me with $28 unaccounted for. But really, $103 for 7 NEW Disney DVDs (including shipping) isn't bad at all, right?!?! Maybe I went a little overboard, but I don't really care, and here's my list of movies I ordered! Cannot wait for their arrival!

1. The Sword in the Stone (45th Anniversary Special Edition)  $14.83
2. Sleeping Beauty (2-Disc Platinum Edition) $11.88
3. Mulan (Special Edition)
4. The Jungle Book (40th Anniversary Platinum Edition)
5. Robin Hood (Most Wanted Edition <---yeah, it really said that...what the H does that even mean?)
6. The Princess and the Frog (Single Disc Widescreen)
7. The Great Mouse Detective (Mystery in the Mist Edition <---again...WTH?)
              #3-7 I got for $76.95 and free shipping

Total = $103. The giddiness and look of childish elation you will see on my face combined with the hopping up and down that is bound to occur when I receive these little gems = pRiCeLeSs!

Why do I feel the need to write what kind of edition each DVD is? Because it makes me feel fancy that there are all these platinum-anniversary-most-wanted-special-editions out there. And it makes me feel like I got an even better deal! 

I think I got a decent selection - but sadly, there are 3 movies I REALLY SUPER BAD wanted, but they started at like $30 for new ones. These 3 faves are: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Aladdin. Yeah, seriously so expensive! But I'll get to them eventually, don't you worry! Just need to spend some more time at the gym and then they can be prizes!!! Haha.

Oh geez, so that's pretty much all. I felt the need to post about this since in February I kind of stated that it is an AMBITION of mine to start collecting Disney movies. And that's what my blog is all about, right? Realizing and acting on my goals! Also...I guess it's sort of a confession since I kind of went Disney crazy! 

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!
Cheers to DISNEY!!!

Friday, April 2

awwww, you shouldn't have!

Haha, so this is cheeezzy, but I'm kind of excited because I got nominated for my first award! One of my dear friends, Erin at C'est La Vie, nominated me for the Master of Karate and Friendship award! Karate and friendship - 2 things I love!

The Rules:
1. List 6 things you are a master in.
2. Pass it on the 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship, and make blogging so awesome!

I am a master in/at:
1. Disney Scene It. Yup. Watch out, not only did I spend countless hours of my childhood watching every Disney I could get my hands on, I am good at the newer movies too because I have a sister 9 years younger than me and spent highschool and college babysitting/nannying. Don't challenge me, cuz you'll most likely lose.

2. Making guacamole. Thanks to my dad, who loves guacamole, I learned at a very young age the basics to making a great guac dip. The key is the perfect ripeness of an avocado, and I always change it up by adding something like garlic, cilantro, green onions, hot sauce...whatever I think sounds yummy! Come on over and I'll whip you up a bowl! 

3.  Saying what I think. Definitely a master at this! For better or for worse, if you are being offensive, I will speak up. And maybe offend you in turn! haha. Sometimes I need to keep my mouth shut, but I am compelled to say something when people are putting down anyone based on race or sexual preference or anything like that. Take it or leave it, I am opinionated. 

4. Hanging out in the sunshine. I am such a better puppy mommy when it's warm outside! Dog park visits daily, runs in the morning, walks after dinner...haha. I LOVE the sun. I have gotten much better in recent years with the sunscreen factor, because I really don't want to resemble an old leather purse when I'm older. It's just that I love the feeling of sun warming my skin, and I love the look of a little tan...*sigh* I'm hopeless. And Tyler just got done with his dermatology unit in med you can bet that I get an earful when I sit out in the sun!

5. Doing my job. Honestly, I am so detail oriented, and I want to please whoever I am supposed to please in a work setting, that I never have felt like I wasn't a valuable asset to wherever I worked. Okay, well maybe that's not all true. Once I started dreading the customer interaction blah blah fake smiles, I quit my job in retail :) Because it was no longer a mutually beneficial job. 

6. Being creative. Whether it's making up a game to entertain a child, gathering odd ingredients to make a casserole, or turning the old junk into something new and pretty...I like to have a little challenge and face it with some creativity! 

Now for my nominees:
1. Sarah at Starting Now: Reflections on Life
2. Lindsey at They Call Me Pro
3. Jody at My Life
4. Whitney at Dining on Mom's Dollar
5. Caitlin at Love Life
6. Natalie at Extraordinary Love

I love all my readers and all my friends' blogs whom I read! Thanks for the award - pay it forward :)


Thursday, April 1

go me, go!

Okayyyyy just have to throw it out there and tell y'all that I have done so well at the gym this last week! A lot of my success is due to the fact that two of my BFFs (Mandrew) joined 24 hour! Yay! It adds that extra motivation because we've been making gym play dates left and right! I've been 7 days in a row - yep yep! And tomorrow morning I am scheduled to see Mr. Trainer followed by a rowdy session of Body Pump with Mandrew! So excited! While I mentioned Mr. Trainer, I should just tell you that he FRIENDED ME ON FACEBOOK! Aaaaack! Which means he could very well be reading this blog RIGHT NOW! Well, guess he'll know every time I fall off the gym wagon, eat ice cream for dinner, and drink far too much...because I inevitably share all of those NECESSARY details of my life on dear old fb.  haha. But really, it's good that I'm seeing him because I get so nervous and really get my ass in gear when I have an appointment scheduled with him!

But seriously - I'm super nervous to go in tomorrow morning. Usually when I go in, it's first thing in the morning and I'm rested and at the day's low weight. This morning, however, I'll be going in after a night shift at work (where I have been eating pizza all night), and TMI ALERT TMI ALERT - my lady symptoms started tonight. Of course. Bloated, exhausted, full of pizza...of course I would love to get weighed and measured and then get my ass kicked by you! Of course.

So anyway, that's all for now. I'll let you know how it goes! Or maybe I won't if it doesn't go so well. ha ;)