Saturday, April 10

my week from hell. yep.

So, I'm just going to say it, as cliche as it is...WHEN IT RAINS IT EFFING POURS! This week, it poured acid rain. Ugh. So I worked Tues, Weds, Thurs, was low volumed 8 hours total (not too shabby considering what it has been...). Tuesday night started my craptastic events: I was setting up a room for a new delivery on my unit. I lowered the bed so the patient would be able to easily get in. Going about my business when a nurse sprints in the room..."You've pulled the code blue alarm, girl!!!" First of all it takes me a second to register what exactly code blue is since we have about 20 different colored codes - but i do know that code = emergency = not good. Oh yeah, code blue is the cardiac arrest alarm! How in the I realize a part of the bed had gotten stuck on the code blue lever and pulled the alarm when I lowered the bed, I hear on the speakers overhead "Code Blue, 3 East, Code Blue, 3 East." F***. The nurse called the operator to cancel the alarm as about 10 nurses from units all on the third floor come into the room looking for a mom under cardiac arrest. Just me, standing there like a still image from Home Alone with my hands on my face and my jaw dropped. Next, the code blue TEAM of life saver specialists come in with their fancy life saving kits...I'm still standing there. Everyone is looking at me. "Um, heh heh...I pulled the alarm on accident. Sorry, everyone. Good response time, though..." I. Was. Mortified. And embarrassed. And let me tell you, I don't embarrass easily. My coworkers were great about it. Everyone had a story about something dumb they have done over the years. It did make me feel better, although news does travel quickly and everyone asked me about my little "incident" over the next few nights. I'm kind of laughing about it now, though. Kind of. 

The next few nights at work were uneventful but I kind of forgot how to speak English. I just was a bumbling mumbling mess. I just decided that it was not my week. But surely it would all get better after my shifts. I was planning on spending Friday with my friend, celebrating the opening home game for the Rockies this season. First of all, I showed up to my friend's house and she committed the biggest girl hang out no-no! We had agreed upon a totally casual style for the I showed up in capris, Nikes, a tank top, and a track jacket. Casual. My friend opens the door and I am greeted with a girl in a stunning green floor length strapless summer dress and heels. Effffffffffff. Are you kidding me? Not the biggest of deals ever, but kind of, you know?!?! So I knew I was going to fit in fine at the sports bars, but I was still annoyed to be the under-dressed one in a gaggle of dress-clad girls. Things started out fine, but I made the terrible decision of agreeing on vodka-red bulls to be our drink of the day. Vodka is my kryptonite. It literally turns me into a crazy person. I know this, but I figured it had been a long time since I had seen this crazy person, so maybe it would all be fine. Hmmm, not so. You see, the thing is, when drinking without Tyler I usually end up getting a strong urge to see him. Then no one can really distract me from my goal. So I just left the bar and started walking home. To Aurora. From downtown Denver. Tyler met me and picked me up, but in the middle of a crazy street during rush hour...his clutch died. So I had to steer (in my VERY questionable driving state) while he pushed the car and we parked in a gas station. Over an hour later...we had a tow truck. In the meantime, I fell asleep on the car door and the dogs were losing their minds being cooped up for that long. We got towed to Pep Boys near our house, but had no dog leashes so I just decided to trust that our dogs would listen to me and walked them home off-leash. You could tell they were so stoked about their freedom, but surprisingly, they listened pretty well. We got home and I was just exhausted from my 4 hours of sleep the night before, the lack of food, emotional exhaustion from the car situation, and intoxication from the vodka red bulls...and the crying ensued. That's another biological reaction that I have to vodka. Yikes. Mess = me. 

This morning, I woke up feeling much better...until freaking Pep Boys called to tell us that the clutch was dead and the car needed a bunch of other things done to it. An estimated $1500 of work. Fracking frack. We already put almost $1000 into this stupid 16-year-old car in the fall. I didn't even want to fix it then. So I'm so over this car and NOT paying to fix it. We could get another used car...but I just don't even want to deal with it. So now, instead of Hawaii...we are buying a car. Don't know how we are going to afford another expense like paying off a car, but I guess we will have to. OMFG. 

So over this week.
Thank goodness for blogging so I can vent. 


  1. So sorry to hear about your week. I hope that this up coming week goes much better for you. Keep your chin up!

  2. Sad! I'm sorry you had a rough week, I know how that goes when everything seems to be just falling apart at once.
    And I'm the same way with Jeremy, for some reason I just HAVE To be with him when I drink.

  3. Oh, sorry you had a rough week! I will be praying for you!! Hope you have a nice weekend!!! :-)

  4. Oh my! All of that sounds like a beating! Just take it easy girly! Next week will be better!


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