Sunday, March 4

pinterest, much?

Hey Blogland!!!

I have been MIA lately due to this small thing called grad school. Takes up a ridiculous amount of time, and blogging is usually the first thing to go when I'm lacking free time!

But I did thought I should check in, say hello, and share a few things with you!

A little background --- I love pinterest. Don't we all? From adorable pictures of kittens and puppies cuddling to delicious recipes to innovative DIY projects, there is just so much to enjoy on that website! The last month, I have actually had it on my "to-do" list to actually make something that I see on pinterest. Here are some of the pinterest things I've done:
I've made lemon crinkle cookies:
Pinned Image

I've made homemade scarves out of old T-shirts

I tried marbling my nails (HORRIBLE FAIL --- these are NOT my nails, haha)
 Pinned Image

and yesterday, I made the Date Jar! (Or Pineapple can in our case)
The idea behind the Date Jar is so cute! Couples tend to get in a rut of the types of dates the go out on. "Dinner and a movie? Order me the usual." Or in Tyler/my case, we just don't go on dates anymore really. We are so busy during the week, that during the weekends we just want to snuggle with the dogs on the couch. Which is fine, but sometimes we have got to just MAKE ourselves go on a date! Case in point, it is March 4th and we still haven't gone on our Valentine's Day dinner date.

So, to make a Date Jar, you buy craft popsicle sticks, and write date ideas on them! I did SUCH randome ones. From "donate blood together" to "Bed and Breakfast in Estes Park" to "puzzle and pizza night" --- I just made a bunch of dates that we would both love to do! I then labeled these date sticks with colored stickers, which indicate whether the date takes some planning, is a stay-at-home date, or whether it requires nice whether. Then once every other week, we can draw a stick and that is the date we are going to do! I'm super excited about it :)

Color-coded sticker key, I taped it to the side of our Date Jar 

Last night was our first date stick, and we drew "Read a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book together." So we went over to Barnes and Noble, found the young readers section, and found the choose-your-own-adventures. We spent a couple of hours reading and laughing as we did the book together last night. It was so fun, and very different from how we usually spend Saturday nights!

Also...I'm totally counting that book as my 3rd read of 2012 (I still have that goal of reading 12 books this year). I know it's kind of a cheat...but whatever. It's over 100 pgs and I read it, so I say it counts :)
Have you done anything fun off of Pinterest lately???
What are the best/most creative dates you have been on before?

Hope all is well with each and every one of you!