Thursday, January 28

a walking calamity

Okay, so I honestly don't really have anything that interesting or insightful to say, but I thought I'd share a short tale about the 30 minutes of my life on Tuesday evening where I think my brain wasn't communicating effectively with my body and hence I was acting like a total spaz. 

I was getting ready for work Tuesday evening, running around already in a hurry (because I had spent way too much time enjoying the delicacy that is a Big City Burrito for dinner). I showered, then went to get my scrubs for work. Tyler was trying to be nice by putting my laundry on top of my dresser for me. Only problem is that they were right on top of all of my jewelry boxes and stuff. I see my hot pink scrub pants at the very bottom of the pile, I pull them out, trying to leave my other clothes on top and in their place. But no, of course my jewelry box has to come flying out from under. As well as my radio. Which hit my fan. Which of course knocked it over. Which made the front cover go flying. I start shouting obscenities - I don't have time for this!!! Whatever. I leave the huge mess that I have amassed in a very short period of time to go get ready in the bathroom. I proceed to knock my newish glasses off of the counter not once - not twice, but yes, thrice. Cursing every time, of course. I then knock my mousse off the counter. I then knock off my ring, which almost goes down the heating vent. More f-bombs ensue. At this point, Tyler has poked his head up the stairs several times to see what on earth is going on up there. I finally am ready, rush around to get my keys, etc. and go out to the garage. While backing out of the garage, I think to myself, "Kaity. Cool it. You are going to do the whole self-fulfilling prophecy blah blah thing and get in an accident because you're all worked up." As I am talking myself down, I hear a loud crack, and my left side view mirror is dangling. F*&$!!!!!!! I am now shouting so loud in my car. A) I can't afford this. B) My other side view mirror was kicked off of my car by some a%@hole in downtown Fort Collins over 2 years ago. So that one already doesn't work. Awesome, I get to drive around with no side view mirrors. Perfectly safe, I'm sure. At this point, I am feeling like heading to a bar instead of work, because with how utterly clumsy I was being, I thought I might drop a few babies at work. 

Luckily, at work I didn't have to get floated to another floor or anything. I actually got to work in the nursery as the designated bath biatch. Which was fine by me because I was SICK of doing vitals on the floor. And I was in there with nurses I liked. And there were Twizzlers involved. And leftover Big City for dinner #2. All ended up well, and no babies dropped even though I had to handle them at their slipperiest state. Phew. 

So now, while I figured I should at least get one mirror in working order, I might as well get them both operating. There goes part of my money for which I wanted so desperately to blow on lotion and crap at the mall. Oh well. 

On a chipper note, Tyler and I have been discussing getting another puppy!!! We think while Penny is young and still loves dogs would be better, so we said maybe as our 1st anniversary gift to ourselves!?!? (April 26!) So I'm pumped about that. 

And yes it's 6 am - been up since 3 (thanks, night shift...) and I'm actually being productive - cleaning and doing laundry and stuff! Hooray me :) 

And sorry for any virgin ears. This post involved a lot of profanity. But that's how life goes sometimes, eh?

Thursday, January 21

canvas and cocktails!

So, last night's excursion to Canvas and Cocktails was awesome! Aside from the horrendous parking situation...haha. Tyler and I went with Manuel and Andrew (lovingly referred to as Mandrew), and we brought the brunt of the males to the evening! Haha, definitely a chick dominated outing, but no worries. Prepared with 2 bottles of wine in tow (yes, you BYOB while they're getting their liquor license), we knew it was going to be fun! We were supposed to paint blue trees, but I decided that it was silly for Tyler and I to paint the same thing because then we'd have two of the same painting in our house. So, I looked around the shop/gallery and found a painting I liked and decided to recreate that with a twist! The lady who leads the painting is a riot and she blasts some really fun sing-along music while you're painting. Tipsy karaoke painting is awesome :) Here are some pictures from last night:

 Manuel and Andrew painting away! 

Tyler with his creation :)

I didn't follow the rules, but here's my painting!

Paint supplies and wine - be careful where you dip your brush!

Loved it! It was kinda pricey ($35/person), but it was something fun and different! I recommend it for a fun date night or double date or girls' night out!

Okay, I must get to work on house stuff then gym because tonight I start my work week! Have a great Thursday!

Cheers :) 

Tuesday, January 19

la dee daaa updates :)

Sitting here watching Biggest Loser, relaxing after a fantastic day, and thought I should give some updates!

This last weekend was great! Friday morning, while Tyler was in class, I hit the gym and came home and got us ready for our little Fort Collins trip. We went to Fort Collins, picked up Linds from school, and went to the glorious land that is the hair salon! Tyler got a haircut and I went...dun dun dun....brunette (I know most of you know by now)

Love it! I have never been anything other than blonde, so this is quite a change! But surprisingly, it wasn't exactly the shock I expected! After our haircuts from wonderful Ms. Sydnie, we went by King Soopers and Target, dropped Linds off at home, and off to Syd and Brad's for dinner! It was such a lovely dinner! And we can talk foreverrrrrr. Finally at 10pm, us oldies were all exhausted and it was bedtime! 

On our way home I realized I hadn't exactly seen my phone since before my haircut in the car on the way up to Fort Collins. Hmmmm. Tyler called it and it rang and rang - but we didn't hear it anywhere. He called it again and it went straight to voicemail. Hmmmm. Weird. After that, it always went to voicemail. Which was weird because it was plenty charged. So then i thought maybe someone stole it - which is ridiculous! It was a 2-yr-old phone with missing buttons and really banged up. So...good luck with that if you stole it! We called King Soopers, Target and Syd, but no one had seen it. Hmmmm. And PS - of all times to lose my phone, I wasn't even doing anything wild and crazy! Just a relaxed afternoon! Haha. LUCKILY, we were due for our phone updates, we just hadn't gotten around to getting them! So we went to T-Mobile Saturday morning and picked out new phones! Yay! Here's mine:

So far I love it! Then on Saturday morning we went to see Avatar in 3D with my family, some of Tyler's family, and Keyan. It was awesome again!!! Really cool in 3D - I just continue to be blown away by Senor Cameron! Then that afternoon I had coffee with Jenna - someone who was my very best friend for years --> MEGA falling out --> finally back on track :) It was such a joy! Then for dinner we went to my in-laws' house. My MIL set up an awesome taco/burrito bar! Yummmm-O!!! And my brother in law has that device that I thought was like a massaging belt you put around your stomach to work out the muscles for you, haha. So we all tried that out. But actually, it sends minor shocks to your muscles to stimulate and work them! Weird. Didn't really like it, but I was glad to try it. 

Sunday morning I got up early and hit the gym! Then I had a lovely coffee date with my dear Erin! Soooo nice to catch up with her - seriously always such a pleasure! In the afternoon we went to my ring-bearer's 4th birthday party! Yayyy! I love this family SO much and after going from seeing them 3 times/week (babysat for them for 5 years) to not seeing them since June, I was desperate to see them! It was so much fun! Their 6-year-old daughter is like my little mini-me, and we were so happy to see each other! I mean, I felt like I had a hand in raising them both! Then Sunday night, Tyler and I went to HuHot with our friend Jason L and his girlfriend! It was great to catch up with them, too! I am really proud of the connections I made with friends this weekend :) 

When we got him, we decided to watch Fern Gulley (which I bought at Target for $4!!!). But did we just watch it on the couch? Nooooo. Lindsey, Tyler, and I made this huge/awesome pillow bed in front of the couch. So many blankets, pillows, and couch cushions! We snuggled in and watched the movie and had a grand ole' sleepover! haha. 3 amigos, we are :) 

Monday morning, we decided we hadn't had enough of the Johnsons (my babysitting family), so we went to their house for pancakes and chatting! And the kids were dying to meet Penny. So that was fun! Love love love them :) Then we drove home to Aurora! Penny was thankful to be home and proceeded to sleep the REST of the day - seriously only potty breaks. I was JUST as lazy! Cozied up on the couch with Penny and decided to catch up on missed episodes of crappy reality TV online. Haha. SUCH a bad habit. Oh well, there could be worse!

Today I went snowboarding with a nurse I work with (awwww, aren't you proud? My first coworker hang out in Denver! *sniff sniff*). We went to A Basin, and it was sooo much fun! I haven't honestly been snowboarding in 2 years!!! YIKES! It was so refreshing to have the snow under my board and on my lips! LOVED it! It wasn't too cold, and it even snowed for us! Perfect :) Definitely worked my legs in a way they haven't been worked in a long time! My knees are feeling it now...better grab the ice and ibuprofin! Came home and went to sit in the hot tub at the gym! Enjoyed a long shower, and Tyler made us berry pancakes for dinner! Yummmm. Now I'm watching Biggest Loser and getting pumped for my workout and volunteer work tomorrow at Doctor's Care! Also tomorrow is Canvas and Cocktails with Mandrew! It should be a lot of fun! We get to paint pictures and have a few drinks in the process - I'm really excited! 

Okay, if that didn't bore you to have patience :) Hope you had a good 3-day weekend, too! 


Friday, January 15

glorious plans

Buenos dias, todos! So, Penny had to go potty around 4am...and of course I couldn't go back to sleep! After my shift on Weds night, I only slept 3 hours...and now I only slept 5 hours last night...for a total of 8 hours in 2 nights. Not exactly a great record. I need to get more sleep because 7+ hours of sleep is really important to overall health! Ahhhh. I knowwww this!

Yesterday was awesome :) I woke up around 1pm so that I could be at Doctor's Care by 2pm. I thought I was going just to talk to the volunteer coordinator about my schedule for volunteering, but that took 1.2 minutes, so then she asked if I wanted to hang out for a while. So I went downstairs to the clinic and hung out at the front desk to see the flow of action and what not. Here's a little info about Doctor's Care: there are lots of doctors who see uninsured patients, and in the 80s, a neurologist decided to organize those doctors into Doctor's Care. That way, they have a network of doctors who are willing to help this population. This founding neurologist happens to be a speaker at CU Denver's med school, where Tyler goes to school! So Tyler heard about this program and told me about it because he thought it sounded right up my alley! And he was totally right. The clinic serves mostly children, but it sees patients up to 30 yrs old. Over 30, they refer you to a doctor. The organization has over 750 participating doctors, isn't that incredible?!? It's just a Denver thing, and that seems like so many options for people who wouldn't normally have even one option! I am really excited because I will be doing basic CNA stuff as well as shadowing lots of PAs! The CU PA program said the reason why I didn't get accepted was that they didn't feel I had a good grasp of the role of a PA in a clinical if this doesn't give me a good idea, then I don't know what will! I am also excited because this will be a FANTASTIC way to practice my Spanish! There was Spanish all around me yesterday, and I for sure need all the help/practice I can get in that department! So I think I will start with 4hrs/week and go from there! Yay volunteering!

Anyhoo - what a tangent! - after Drs Care I went to get Penny a retractable leash so that we can practice "come" at home. She sucks at this. Sure, she comes when you have a treat in your hand, but if she is outside and I want her to come inside...not a chance. So we learned that putting a retractable leash on a puppy is a good training technique because for a while, they have no choice but to come. They don't have the option. She is sassy and feisty - and while I like me some fire and spirit...I would also appreciate it if she listened consistently!

Then I went to Mandrew's and caught up on Tuesday's Biggest Loser. They made fabulous chicken salads - so for once, I wasn't eating crap during Biggest Loser! Haha. PS - their cute little kitty cat clawed the shit out of me, so that was fun ;). I then hit the gym, came home, and passed out. It was so nice just to sleep in the same bed with Tyler for the first time in like a week! Working nights takes a toll on my favorite time of the day - that 30 minutes where we crawl into bed and just hang out and talk and laugh. Seriously, I look forward to that so much! 

So it's Friday, YAY! This morning I am hitting the gym then working on a painting that I have in progress. It's pretty cool, a night scene on a street lit with street lamps. I don't know, we'll see how it turns out. Then, after Tyler gets home from class, we are going to FoCo for haircuts!!! Yesssss. Seriously, I haven't had my hair done in forever!!! And I'm itching for a change real bad! So excited to see Syd, and then we get to see more of her + Brad later for dinner! Yay!

Tomorrow, we are planning on seeing Avatar in 3D. We saw it not in 3D and LOVED it, then decided we need to see it again - but in 3D this time around! Then I'm hoping to catch up with a friend and just relax at home with my sister (whom I haven't seen since before Christmas since she up and fled the country to Mexico for the holidays!!!). Penny is stoked to see Uncle Tyke - yep, she told me that. Sunday I get to go to my ring bearer's 4th birthday party! I babysat him from birth - 3 1/2 years and I have missed that family soooooo much! CANNOT WAIT to see them! Coffee with Erin and a double date dinner at HuHot caps of my Sunday! How perfect does that sound?!?! It all sounds glorious now, we'll see how many snafus (love that word, always forget to use it) I come across during the weekend! haha. Nothing goes according to plan 100% of the time, no matter how ahead of the game I try to be!

Clearly, my fun plans for the weekend have me in a much better mood than when I last posted after a night of non-sleep! Thanks to all my kind readers for the thoughtful comments! I hope everyone has an adventure this weekend!!!

Oh - and I got my Jillian Michaels DVDs in the mail!!! So...I'll let you know just how many muscles I've tortured at the end of the weekend! Hopefully millions. 


Monday, January 11


About once each month...I have zero luck sleeping. It sucks. As you can probably guess, last night was my lucky night. I finally fell asleep around 5am, and it was fitfull to say the least. Then I had to get up because I am going to an orientation to be a volunteer at an organization called Dr.'s Care. I'm actually excited about the orientation, and I'll let you know more about it later. 

Last night Tyler and I finally watched Julie & Julia! It was pretty much just as I thought it would be - cute and funny. What I didn't expect was for Julia to not like Julie! How sad. Anyhoo - cute flick, and I am 5% inspired to cook through a cookbook. But, honestly, I don't have any more resolution left in me, especially this morning! 

On Saturday night, our friends Keyan and Dillon came up to hang out in Denver. I was supposed to work, but my shift got canceled. Luckily, I have enough PTO to get paid for the canceled shift, and that meant I could hang out that night, too! We went to Senor Ric's for 2 for 1 margs (mistake!) and then came home and rocked out on Rock Band for hours! haha. It was so much fun. I didn't have a solid dinner though, so those margs knocked me out by like 2 am. Oh well! I made up for it by cooking awesome breakfast Sunday morning (aka noon). I was so wiped out from Saturday night that this is what my gym visit consisted of yesterday: sitting in the hot tub. Haha. Oh yeah, then I sat in the steam room for a few minutes. Yep. 

I wanted to get a good workout in today but I feel really sick due to lack of sleep. So my plan is to go to orientation, come home and nap, hit the gym, then go to work. For 3 nights in a row. Wish me luck!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and that your case of the Mondays isn't as crappy as mine!

Cheers...I guess.

Thursday, January 7

jillian michaels - at my doorstep

So, today I ordered myself something I have been wanting to order for a long time! The Jillian Michaels:30 Day Shred DVD workout! I have heard AMAZING things about this DVD, so I cannot wait! I was originally only going to order that one, which is normally $14.99, but is on sale on Barnes & for only $10.49 + my member discount made it only $9.44! I had also heard great things about Jillian Michaels:No More Trouble Zones, so I decided to order that one too! Thennnn, Barnes & Noble is having a buy 2 DVDs, get 1 free I got Jillian Michaels:Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism for free! I'm totally stoked. They are having a free shipping promo too, so I got 3 Jillian Michaels workout DVDs for a grand total of $19.42! Hell yeah, that's what I call a steal! I'll let you know just how hard Ms. Michael's kicks my ass! 

I am so excited - I am going to my first workout class at 24-Hour today. Joedy and I are hitting Body Pump!!! Woohoo! Okay, over and outtttttt!


Tuesday, January 5

lovely stamps

Okay, so I try to reward myself periodically for losing some lbs or hitting the gym a lot. I've found my next reward! During the holiday season, we got some cards with the cutest return address label stamps!!! I fell in love. Here are a few designs that I like, and this will help drive me to hit the gym knowing I can order one of these babies if I do well!

(but obviously with W and our info...)

Yeah, I couldn't make the image bigger...

But I'm real excited! This gal believes in rewarding hard work, and I can't wait :)


making my ambitions a reality!

This is my first post of 2010, yay!!! So, I worked on New Year's Eve, then spend New Year's Day mostly sleeping. I actually got up and went to the gym though around 3pm! Go me! I then went to work on the 1st...only to be low-volumed after 4 hours. EFFFFFFFFFF. I'm so sick of this. I am going to need some sort of second job...ugh. 

On January 2nd I reached my goal of dropping 10lbs! Although the goal was for Jan 1st, I'm not disappointed at all :) My next goal is 15lbs by my first wedding anniversary - April 26th. It is almost 4 months from now, and I think it is enough time to lose the weight for good and not temporarily. 

My next important fitness goal is to schedule a meeting with my trainer by my birthday - February 16 - to get weighed and get my fat measured. The fat measurement is so important in order to accurately assess my fitness. I know I have gained muscle during all these workouts, so just looking at the number on the scale doesn't accurately measure my success. 

On another positive goal-making note, I finished my first painting! I decided to paint something for my sister, because she is one of the loves of my life and I wouldn't feel stupid making something for her because I know she'd really appreciate something. I am going to hand deliver her painting on Jan 15th when we go up to Fort Collins. Here's the painting:

Let me know what you think!

It's modern and pink - something I thought my sister would love to hang in her room! Her room is teal so I think it will look really pretty against her wall. I am happy with this start, and I can't wait to start something else! I have all sorts of ideas goin on in my head!!!

So, I mentioned we will be going to Fort Collins on the finally get my hair done! I am leaning towards thinking about attempting to grow my hair out (we'll see how long this lasts!), but I'd like to play with some layers and maybe even - color!?!? I've always been blonde - except for this semi-permanent red head phase freshman year in college! Haha. I'm thinking maybe a honey brown with highlights? I don't know...I'm scared! Help!

I have seen 2 movies this week - which is incredible, because I never go to the theater! Tyler and I saw Avatar on Saturday...sooooo good! I highly recommend it! James Cameron delivered greatness once again! On the other hand...I also saw Nine. With such a stellar line up, I thought the movie would be awesome. The talent was there, all the actors did really well, but I was overall not impressed with the movie at all. Bummer. The movie lacked a good plot and it seemed like people were singing just for the sake of singing. Real bummer, because I really wanted to love it!

Lastly, I am so excited for the new season of Biggest Loser to start tonight! I've recruited some friends to watch it with, so that will be really fun! I've got to get running some errands and running at the gym, so have a great day everyone!