Tuesday, January 5

lovely stamps

Okay, so I try to reward myself periodically for losing some lbs or hitting the gym a lot. I've found my next reward! During the holiday season, we got some cards with the cutest return address label stamps!!! I fell in love. Here are a few designs that I like, and this will help drive me to hit the gym knowing I can order one of these babies if I do well!

(but obviously with W and our info...)

Yeah, I couldn't make the image bigger...

But I'm real excited! This gal believes in rewarding hard work, and I can't wait :)



  1. Kaity...
    I love this. DOOOO IT! Uh, and Penny would need to be on there too, yes? lol
    I too believe in rewards. I'm getting a tattoo that I designed 6 years ago when I hit goal weight - woot!

  2. Oh, how neat!!! Great idea! :-)

  3. Very Nice, when I reach my goal weight I get to get a "little Black Dress" Rewards are deffenintly a help.
    This is Aston

  4. great reward! it's a great idea to have something tangible to work towards.


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