Friday, January 15

glorious plans

Buenos dias, todos! So, Penny had to go potty around 4am...and of course I couldn't go back to sleep! After my shift on Weds night, I only slept 3 hours...and now I only slept 5 hours last night...for a total of 8 hours in 2 nights. Not exactly a great record. I need to get more sleep because 7+ hours of sleep is really important to overall health! Ahhhh. I knowwww this!

Yesterday was awesome :) I woke up around 1pm so that I could be at Doctor's Care by 2pm. I thought I was going just to talk to the volunteer coordinator about my schedule for volunteering, but that took 1.2 minutes, so then she asked if I wanted to hang out for a while. So I went downstairs to the clinic and hung out at the front desk to see the flow of action and what not. Here's a little info about Doctor's Care: there are lots of doctors who see uninsured patients, and in the 80s, a neurologist decided to organize those doctors into Doctor's Care. That way, they have a network of doctors who are willing to help this population. This founding neurologist happens to be a speaker at CU Denver's med school, where Tyler goes to school! So Tyler heard about this program and told me about it because he thought it sounded right up my alley! And he was totally right. The clinic serves mostly children, but it sees patients up to 30 yrs old. Over 30, they refer you to a doctor. The organization has over 750 participating doctors, isn't that incredible?!? It's just a Denver thing, and that seems like so many options for people who wouldn't normally have even one option! I am really excited because I will be doing basic CNA stuff as well as shadowing lots of PAs! The CU PA program said the reason why I didn't get accepted was that they didn't feel I had a good grasp of the role of a PA in a clinical if this doesn't give me a good idea, then I don't know what will! I am also excited because this will be a FANTASTIC way to practice my Spanish! There was Spanish all around me yesterday, and I for sure need all the help/practice I can get in that department! So I think I will start with 4hrs/week and go from there! Yay volunteering!

Anyhoo - what a tangent! - after Drs Care I went to get Penny a retractable leash so that we can practice "come" at home. She sucks at this. Sure, she comes when you have a treat in your hand, but if she is outside and I want her to come inside...not a chance. So we learned that putting a retractable leash on a puppy is a good training technique because for a while, they have no choice but to come. They don't have the option. She is sassy and feisty - and while I like me some fire and spirit...I would also appreciate it if she listened consistently!

Then I went to Mandrew's and caught up on Tuesday's Biggest Loser. They made fabulous chicken salads - so for once, I wasn't eating crap during Biggest Loser! Haha. PS - their cute little kitty cat clawed the shit out of me, so that was fun ;). I then hit the gym, came home, and passed out. It was so nice just to sleep in the same bed with Tyler for the first time in like a week! Working nights takes a toll on my favorite time of the day - that 30 minutes where we crawl into bed and just hang out and talk and laugh. Seriously, I look forward to that so much! 

So it's Friday, YAY! This morning I am hitting the gym then working on a painting that I have in progress. It's pretty cool, a night scene on a street lit with street lamps. I don't know, we'll see how it turns out. Then, after Tyler gets home from class, we are going to FoCo for haircuts!!! Yesssss. Seriously, I haven't had my hair done in forever!!! And I'm itching for a change real bad! So excited to see Syd, and then we get to see more of her + Brad later for dinner! Yay!

Tomorrow, we are planning on seeing Avatar in 3D. We saw it not in 3D and LOVED it, then decided we need to see it again - but in 3D this time around! Then I'm hoping to catch up with a friend and just relax at home with my sister (whom I haven't seen since before Christmas since she up and fled the country to Mexico for the holidays!!!). Penny is stoked to see Uncle Tyke - yep, she told me that. Sunday I get to go to my ring bearer's 4th birthday party! I babysat him from birth - 3 1/2 years and I have missed that family soooooo much! CANNOT WAIT to see them! Coffee with Erin and a double date dinner at HuHot caps of my Sunday! How perfect does that sound?!?! It all sounds glorious now, we'll see how many snafus (love that word, always forget to use it) I come across during the weekend! haha. Nothing goes according to plan 100% of the time, no matter how ahead of the game I try to be!

Clearly, my fun plans for the weekend have me in a much better mood than when I last posted after a night of non-sleep! Thanks to all my kind readers for the thoughtful comments! I hope everyone has an adventure this weekend!!!

Oh - and I got my Jillian Michaels DVDs in the mail!!! So...I'll let you know just how many muscles I've tortured at the end of the weekend! Hopefully millions. 



  1. Good luck with the Jillian Michaels workouts. She can be a nazi but your body defintely feels like it got a good workout the next day.
    And crawling into bed with my husband is the favorite part of my day too. No distractions!

  2. I can't wait to see pics of your new haircut and possibly a new color too?! Sounds like you are going to have a fun-filled weekend!

  3. Very cool about the volunteering! It sounds perfect for you. :-)

    I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend (finally...fingers crossed. lol) and whatever you decide to do with your hair. Yay!


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