Monday, December 13

tis' the season

Happy holidays, guys!

I have been kind of MIA on the blog scene, lately. Just busy with the holidays! I hope Thanksgiving was good for you all, it was great for me! My brother was home for the holiday, so it was wonderful to spend time with him before he deploys next month. We ate...a LOT, and my sister and I did the annual Black Friday shopping! We didn't get anything except for tons and tons of movies!

I've been trying to balance work and health and play and relaxation all amidst the crazy holidays! I manged to finish 50 of those peppermint cards and mail them out last week. That was DEFINITELY one of the most time-consuming projects I've ever embarked on...and it will not be something I will do again anytime in the near future. But at least I can say that I have made Christmas cards completely from scratch once in my life!

Here is the photo we chose for our cards!

One of my college roommates is getting married this weekend, and it is a Friday --> Monday event, so it has prompted me to get Christmas taken care of nice and early! With cards out and shopping finished, I am looking forward to enjoying myself in the mountains this weekend with friends!

Also, today is my husband's birthday! Happy 25th to the love of my life! Boy am I thankful that he was born! :) 

I hope you are all doing well and finding time to remember the reason for the season! Hugging your loved ones and enjoying the Christmas lights & cocoa, candy canes and Nativity Scenes :)

Speaking of Nativity Scenes, I saw this stone one at Target..and I LOVE IT! We don't yet have one of our own, so hopefully I'll find one on sale after the holidays!
Isn't it gorgeous? Anyway, hope your holiday season is off to a fun and enjoyable start!!! 

Cheers :)
 Like our Christmas tree?