Wednesday, March 27

fifty shades of f***ed up

Hey all!

I know, I know... I have been terrible at checking in on my blog. I pretty much remember to blog when we have a fantastic new recipe to share or when I have finished reading a book that doesn't have to do with medicine! Considering I've been mostly consumed by school reading since January, I haven't been able to read for fun too often. However, I did just finish Fifty Shades Darker (my 3rd read in 2013) over Spring Break, and I have to say that Christian Grey is 50 Shades of FUCKED UP!

If you read my review of Fifty Shades of Grey, then you know that I was very conflicted about the emotional journey I went on while reading it. Disgust and concern aside, by the end of the book, I decided I needed to know what was next for Christian and Ana.So I borrowed the sequel from my 18-year-old sister's college dorm roommate. Yup, sure did!

And I have to say to say that I was intrigued that there was much more of a "plot" this time around. Yes, there was kinky sex. Yes, there is this deep dark past of Christian's that is annoyingly alluded to for much of the book. However, a lot of his issues are revealed in this book (for better or for worse), so at least I finally understood some of why he is so damaged. It's still not one of my top 10 favorite reads ever, but I'm glad I understand Christian and the dynamics of Christian/Ana a little better now.

Next on the reading list:
Fifty Shades Freed. Yep. You know me --- I'm a girl who likes to see a series through! Whether or not I love the book, I want to know what happens for the characters so that I can sleep soundly at night. Haha...but really, sometimes I literally stay up at night wondering what is going on in the lives of fictional characters. Pathetic, but true...

Also...I still love to imagine just how good looking Christian Grey is supposed to be. And of all the hot men in the world, I always go back to this picture of Matt Bomer in my head! (and yes, I know he's gay. He's just an incredibly good looking person!!!)

Have you read this series? What did you think about them? And who wants to loan me the 3rd book in the serious???

What good books have you read lately??? (not that I have time to read them...)

Happy Spring to you!!!
Cheers :)