Saturday, September 22

fifty shades of emotions

Hey friends! I know I've been a stranger...back to school will do that! I just wanted to stop by for a little book review! If you can't guess from the title, I finally read Fifty Shades of Grey. Book #11 out of my goal of 12 books in 2012! Yay :) I wanted to read this book, just to know what all the hype and fuss was about, so I read it. 

My first reaction:
  • Why are people calling it "housewife porn" like that's a bad thing? If wives everywhere are reading this sexy book, it's probably increasing married sex rates everywhere, and thus saving marriages everywhere! {Like my logic?} Kudos, E. L. James, you have probably done what therapy couldn't for some couples. 
My second reaction:
  • Whoa. That was INTENSE. 
I went through just about every emotion under the sun with this book. The book follows Anastasia Steele as she is finishing up her undergraduate experience. She fills in for her roommate {Kate}, and interviews the young, strikingly handsome, self-made billionaire Christian Grey for the school newspaper. The effect that Christian has on Ana is immediate, undeniable, and a first for her. As they keep finding reasons to meet again, it becomes clear that the electrical energy dancing between the two of them will quickly lead to something. When it does, it is hot. It is kind of a fantasy novel then, because Christian Grey is just incredibly alluring, even on paper. 

However, as things progress, and Christian's kinky preferences become more apparent, I was a little put off. Not unlike our lead character Ana. I found myself amazed at the way with which the author successfully got me to mirror Ana's emotions throughout the story. My "Fifty Shades of Emotions" response goes as follows:
  • Attraction to Mr. Grey
  • Jaw dropped at his erotic nature
  • Unease about his intensity
  • Creeped out by his possessive/stalkerish tendencies
  • Vehement feeling that Ana should say "no" to Christian's indecent proposals
  • Sadness when Ana is subjected to her first "spanking" by Christian. I can't tell you how strange this whole scene was for me. Christian "punishes" Ana for rolling her eyes at him. And this punishment involves a spanking session that is meant to be erotic, yet stinging. The aftermath is that Ana feels diminished, and as small and valueless as a person can. Then Christian tries to make it okay. And I cried. I cried because I feel like this is what any victim of abuse may go through. The assailant trying to justify his/her actions, and the victim learning to trust the assailant and letting him/her do as he/she pleases out of love for the assailant. It was a very confusing emotional response. And I kind of wrote Mr. Grey off at that point. 
  • Pity for Mr. Grey when you find out more about the childhood that gave him such a tormented soul with an aversion for typical expressions of love
  • Wary intrigue as he opens up his mind and sexual sides to Ana
  • Turned on by the loving side of him that is capable
  • Disgusted by the dominant side of him that is also capable. 
Mr. Grey is like a double-sided coin. The shiniest, most irresistible coin you've ever seen. This book made me think a lot about S&M and the psychology behind it all. Which, I have never done before. And it turns out the psychology of that kind of sexuality is extremely complex. There are 2 consenting adults, right? Well, what if the dominant adult has captivated the submissive adult with his charm and wit and dazzling looks, then is she influenced to do things she doesn't want to do? Does that make it still 100% consenting and okay? She literally goes through the emotions that an abuse victim does, which is anguishing to read.

This novel certainly was interesting. Interesting in content, style, storyline, and themes. It is thought-provoking in ways I never thought possible, and left me with a lot of questions. 

Questions that just may be answered in the sequels...
Yes, I am planning on reading the sequels. Such an relationship develops between Ana and Christian, and I need to know what happens. Turned out to be much deeper of a story than I anticipated. 

Also --- Christian Grey is just a fantasy character. I like looking at who the public would like cast as Christian if a movie adaptation were ever made {how would they pull that off??? I mean, it is very pornographic...}

I was picturing Matt Bomer the ENTIRE TIME. A stunning man (also gay I heard).

Intriguing and fantastical. Not the best book I've ever read, but not as shallow as I thought it was going to be. Unique and unexpected --- Cheers to reading :)