about the blog

Everyone has their own reason for starting a blog. I decided to create one as a means of holding myself accountable to promises I make myself. 

I have always been a dreamer. 

Age 5: "I'm going to be an actress!"

And I try to follow through with those dreams.

Age 9: I went to live in Burbank, California for 2 months. While there, I auditioned for commercials, tv shows, and movies. It was an amazing experience and I was in a few small movies even, but after all of that, I decided I didn't want to be the famous cinema type of actress. 

But the important thing was that my parents encouraged me to go for it and see for myself whether that was something I really wanted to do. 

As we get older, the idea of, "you can do anything you set your mind to" gets harder to believe. Because we have more failures. But you have to fail in order to learn how to succeed. 

The point of my blog is that I still have so many dreams and so much ambition in my life. And I was tired of putting my goals on the back burner and saying I'd start accomplishing them some other day. Hence, Ambition Never Goes out of Style was born.

You won't find me blogging about ONLY my ambitions. I ramble. I rant. I ask questions. I review books. I update you on the crazy things my puppies do. I talk about love. Since starting this blog, it has become more about connecting with others and seeing what we all have to learn from each other. I love that aspect of it all, because I know I have only seen a small slice of what life has to offer me! I LOVE meeting people via blogs, and I LOVE when you have input about something I'm thinking about. 

Here's my first ever blog post if you're interested in seeing how it all began :)

Enjoy :)