Thursday, January 21

canvas and cocktails!

So, last night's excursion to Canvas and Cocktails was awesome! Aside from the horrendous parking situation...haha. Tyler and I went with Manuel and Andrew (lovingly referred to as Mandrew), and we brought the brunt of the males to the evening! Haha, definitely a chick dominated outing, but no worries. Prepared with 2 bottles of wine in tow (yes, you BYOB while they're getting their liquor license), we knew it was going to be fun! We were supposed to paint blue trees, but I decided that it was silly for Tyler and I to paint the same thing because then we'd have two of the same painting in our house. So, I looked around the shop/gallery and found a painting I liked and decided to recreate that with a twist! The lady who leads the painting is a riot and she blasts some really fun sing-along music while you're painting. Tipsy karaoke painting is awesome :) Here are some pictures from last night:

 Manuel and Andrew painting away! 

Tyler with his creation :)

I didn't follow the rules, but here's my painting!

Paint supplies and wine - be careful where you dip your brush!

Loved it! It was kinda pricey ($35/person), but it was something fun and different! I recommend it for a fun date night or double date or girls' night out!

Okay, I must get to work on house stuff then gym because tonight I start my work week! Have a great Thursday!

Cheers :) 


  1. This looks like so much fun!! Oh my, you are a GREAT painter!!! I love it!!!!! :-)

  2. It looks great! You are talented! (and way better than mine would ever look)

  3. Sounds like SO much fun! I'm loving your painting, and like Tyler's color choices for his. I'm so glad you're getting into painting because you are certainly talented. :-)

  4. Oooh. Stop painting cool stuff that I wanttt!

  5. Thanks girls!!! And Lindsey I'd be more than happy to paint something for you! I'm going to try to do some freelance stuff for some extra money on the side!

  6. That sounds like so much fun..and i'm impressed with your talent!!

  7. That looks like so much fun! Your painting was way better then the one they were teaching anyway =)

  8. I love this! Sounds like a complete blast. Hmm...maybe I will have to go with you over the summer. :)
    You are turning into one hell of an artist...I love your painting! Keep it up.
    I posted the curry pumpkin soup recipe on my blog. enjoy!

  9. Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion. ....................................................

  10. Hi! Just stopping by - I found your blog through "starting out" - I'm a med school wife too!


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