Thursday, January 28

a walking calamity

Okay, so I honestly don't really have anything that interesting or insightful to say, but I thought I'd share a short tale about the 30 minutes of my life on Tuesday evening where I think my brain wasn't communicating effectively with my body and hence I was acting like a total spaz. 

I was getting ready for work Tuesday evening, running around already in a hurry (because I had spent way too much time enjoying the delicacy that is a Big City Burrito for dinner). I showered, then went to get my scrubs for work. Tyler was trying to be nice by putting my laundry on top of my dresser for me. Only problem is that they were right on top of all of my jewelry boxes and stuff. I see my hot pink scrub pants at the very bottom of the pile, I pull them out, trying to leave my other clothes on top and in their place. But no, of course my jewelry box has to come flying out from under. As well as my radio. Which hit my fan. Which of course knocked it over. Which made the front cover go flying. I start shouting obscenities - I don't have time for this!!! Whatever. I leave the huge mess that I have amassed in a very short period of time to go get ready in the bathroom. I proceed to knock my newish glasses off of the counter not once - not twice, but yes, thrice. Cursing every time, of course. I then knock my mousse off the counter. I then knock off my ring, which almost goes down the heating vent. More f-bombs ensue. At this point, Tyler has poked his head up the stairs several times to see what on earth is going on up there. I finally am ready, rush around to get my keys, etc. and go out to the garage. While backing out of the garage, I think to myself, "Kaity. Cool it. You are going to do the whole self-fulfilling prophecy blah blah thing and get in an accident because you're all worked up." As I am talking myself down, I hear a loud crack, and my left side view mirror is dangling. F*&$!!!!!!! I am now shouting so loud in my car. A) I can't afford this. B) My other side view mirror was kicked off of my car by some a%@hole in downtown Fort Collins over 2 years ago. So that one already doesn't work. Awesome, I get to drive around with no side view mirrors. Perfectly safe, I'm sure. At this point, I am feeling like heading to a bar instead of work, because with how utterly clumsy I was being, I thought I might drop a few babies at work. 

Luckily, at work I didn't have to get floated to another floor or anything. I actually got to work in the nursery as the designated bath biatch. Which was fine by me because I was SICK of doing vitals on the floor. And I was in there with nurses I liked. And there were Twizzlers involved. And leftover Big City for dinner #2. All ended up well, and no babies dropped even though I had to handle them at their slipperiest state. Phew. 

So now, while I figured I should at least get one mirror in working order, I might as well get them both operating. There goes part of my money for which I wanted so desperately to blow on lotion and crap at the mall. Oh well. 

On a chipper note, Tyler and I have been discussing getting another puppy!!! We think while Penny is young and still loves dogs would be better, so we said maybe as our 1st anniversary gift to ourselves!?!? (April 26!) So I'm pumped about that. 

And yes it's 6 am - been up since 3 (thanks, night shift...) and I'm actually being productive - cleaning and doing laundry and stuff! Hooray me :) 

And sorry for any virgin ears. This post involved a lot of profanity. But that's how life goes sometimes, eh?


  1. I know you know this and even though this statement never makes anybody feel any better, especially not when they're right in the moment..but everyone has those moments - don't worry. However, to give you major credit - that was pretty bad :) I definitely would have lost it, maybe even cried :P or even kicked off the side view mirror myself out of frustration :P

    Yay for a new puppy! :)

  2. This post made me laugh! Don't you hate days like that?!
    And I am soooooo jealous about you guys getting another puppy. I can't even have one. =(

  3. I'm with Courtney- this made me laugh out loud at my desk; I'm sure my coworkers are wondering what's going on in my office. haha! But, I so hate days where just about everything seems to go wrong. Thank goodness it ended well and you came out with a smile. And, I need to meet Penny, and we need a DAM date! :-)

  4. Great post! I am laughing at my deak I must say!!

  5. Sorry to hear that you had one of those kind of days. Another puppy...yay!!

  6. This was so funny to read, but I feel your pain and I'm sure it wasn't all that funny to experience!!! Days like that are rough!

  7. I know it was a rough night and all...but I sure laughed - and it's great that you can laugh at it now. Man...I needed that. Thanks for the comedic relief, Miss Kaity.

  8. Well, I was certainly very happy to brighten everyone's days with this post! haha :) My pleasure!


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