Sunday, April 11

a braaand newwww carrrrr!

So, maybe I exaggerated a little bit in my last post. It wasn't the best week ever, but I do know that of course worse things could happen. Friday was just the culmination of a frustrating week and car stuff ALWAYS gets the best of me. So, instead of getting a used or "certified preowned" vehicle...and having to deal with potential issues, we decided to get a new car! A 2010 Honda CRV in fact! It's "urban titanium metallic" - so basically a sparkly dark gray! I love it! We didn't think we could afford an SUV-type vehicle, but it was fairly affordable and it really will work out great with the dogs and trips to mountains for camping and snowboarding and everything! I am really looking forward to that because with two small cars, we haven't been able to take advantage of our beautiful mountains here in Colorado! So here is a little pic of our new car:
So far we really love it! The dogs think it's pretty cool! Speaking of the dogs, they started their intermediate training class this afternoon. They actually did really well! I was nervous because Gryffin is so easily distracted, and the intermediate class is based on following commands despite distractions. He actually was the winner in a let's-see-who-can-stay-the-longest contest! Woohoo! I'm a proud mama :)

This week all of the Disney movies I ordered have arrived! I watched Tarzan the other day, Tyler and I watched The Sword in the Stone Friday night, Princess and the Frog last night, and are watching Mulan tonight! SCORE! Love all of them :) Due to our rather large purchase yesterday, looks like I'll be postponing my Disney movie collecting, though. Boo. Looks like I'll have to be better at budgeting. I haven't really done too well with a budget before because we haven't exactly needed to. Welp, now we need to. No more shoe shopping extravaganzas, Disney sprees, or puppy treats for all at Petsmart...*sigh*. 

This weekend flew by WAY too fast! I need another...but I have to work Mon-Thurs (12 hr shifts) during the day this week. Wish me luck - I'll need it! 

Have a great week, everyone!
Cheers to Monday???


  1. Love the car! Very snazzy! You will have so much fun with it I am sure!

  2. Kaity,

    Uhhh I'm SO VERY JEALOUS about the Disney movies. I really want to start collecting Disney movies but movies are sooo expensive! Arg. Anyway, love the new car. Things seem to be going a bit better for you now :)


  3. Love the car! It looks cute! :) Yay for Griffin and Penny with their class!! Hope that you have a good week at work!

  4. 這麼優的部落格,不踩一下不開心 ........................................

  5. How awesome~~! I love having a new car!!!


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