Thursday, April 1

go me, go!

Okayyyyy just have to throw it out there and tell y'all that I have done so well at the gym this last week! A lot of my success is due to the fact that two of my BFFs (Mandrew) joined 24 hour! Yay! It adds that extra motivation because we've been making gym play dates left and right! I've been 7 days in a row - yep yep! And tomorrow morning I am scheduled to see Mr. Trainer followed by a rowdy session of Body Pump with Mandrew! So excited! While I mentioned Mr. Trainer, I should just tell you that he FRIENDED ME ON FACEBOOK! Aaaaack! Which means he could very well be reading this blog RIGHT NOW! Well, guess he'll know every time I fall off the gym wagon, eat ice cream for dinner, and drink far too much...because I inevitably share all of those NECESSARY details of my life on dear old fb.  haha. But really, it's good that I'm seeing him because I get so nervous and really get my ass in gear when I have an appointment scheduled with him!

But seriously - I'm super nervous to go in tomorrow morning. Usually when I go in, it's first thing in the morning and I'm rested and at the day's low weight. This morning, however, I'll be going in after a night shift at work (where I have been eating pizza all night), and TMI ALERT TMI ALERT - my lady symptoms started tonight. Of course. Bloated, exhausted, full of pizza...of course I would love to get weighed and measured and then get my ass kicked by you! Of course.

So anyway, that's all for now. I'll let you know how it goes! Or maybe I won't if it doesn't go so well. ha ;)



  1. Congrats on all of the gym time you've been putting in!!!

  2. Wow! Congrats on all of the days you went to the gym. I think that I need a swift kick in the rear to get more motivation to start working out since swimsuit season is fast approaching.


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