Monday, April 26

omg, gross!

Well, so today is my anniversary, and Tyler has school. I figured while he was in school I would get out our wedding cake and set it up all pretty on our gorgeous cake platter. I take the box out of the fridge, take off the layers of saran wrap, cut through the tape, open the lid, and find...


So, apparently it got frozen with our flowers on it. Now the flowers are moldy and rotted and NASTY!!! I'm legit so bummed! But I guess it's for the best, my @$$ certainly doesn't need a few pieces of cake added on to it! I'll make up for the calories tonight :) We are going out for sushi and a movie, followed by some vino from our honeymoon to Napa last year! Yippee!

Here is a picture of our wedding cake in its prime. It was so lovely! Lemon poppy seed with 5 raspberry cream layers torted in. Vanilla buttercream frosting! Mmmmmm. 

It was delicious!
While I endured that tragedy, at least I have two freaking adorable puppies :) Here's a picture of them from the other night.

Awwww. Love them!

Okay, happy Monday! Cheers -


  1. That is nasty :) At first I had no idea what I was even looking at! haha

  2. Your little ones are so cute in that photo!!!! :-)


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