Thursday, April 29

shopping shopping shopping

Yesterday was such a blast! I went shopping at Cherry Creek with Lindsey at They Call Me Pro. Hooray! We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen - YUM.O. We then did a complete round on both levels of the mall - phew! I managed to keep everything under control! I have been needing some new Nikes for a while, and I found a pair! They were even "on sale" - which meant normally $115 and priced down to $89. So, $26 off, but still pricey! I also got my mom the MOST incredible Mother's Day gift! I can't tell you what it is because she is very sneaky and reads my blog sometimes ;) So I'll tell you about it after Mother's Day! It was so nice to hang out with a friend who is so easy to get along with! Very refreshing and lots of fun! 

Today I was reading an entry at Bon Bon Rose Girls and it was about wall decals. It TOTALLY inspired me to get cracking on finishing decorating my townhome! Everything is in its place, but I'm not done with ANY room in the house, and we've lived here since September! Yikes! So I have made a list of rooms that need to be finished and what I want to do in each room. Realistically, we'll have to wait on some of the furniture "needs" for a while, but a lot of the other stuff I can get done! So back to the decals, here is one I am thinking about putting up above our bed! 

Although since our walls are white, I am thinking green branches and not sure what color birds.

Here is our room as of now, you can see that space above our bed would be PERFECT!

So excited! So, I am starting my projects TODAY! I am finishing a painting for my mom then putting together shadow boxes for Penny and Gryffin. Yay! 

Does anyone have a favorite store to find home decorating things for a good price?
Thanks & Cheers!


  1. I know what you mean about decorating. It can get so frustrating and expensive that I give up before I even start. We have lived in our house since November and I only have two rooms finished and they are both small and not important. I'm working on finishing our living room in the next few weeks hopefully!! And it's funny about the branches because I was looking at a similar decal for above our fireplace, we'll see...
    Hobby Lobby, Uppercase Living, JC Penney and Pier 1 (when they have really good sales!) Good luck and post in progress pictures!

  2. YAY!

    I love that wall's amazing - and totally goes with your tree/leaf obsession! I even think maybe a white tree with green birds might be cute - but it depends on what other accessories you'll be putting in there...and that probably means you'd have to paint which, bleh.

    Check out this website too - they have a lot of fun wall ideas: I got the "flower" ones in white to go on my new grey walls - yum!

    Can't wait to see all your changes :) I had a BLAST with you yesterday! Thanks again for coming.

  3. I know what you all mean about not finishing rooms. Truly the most finished room in our home is our dining room...and we have eaten on that table once! LOL! I have given up for now, but I would love to see all of your creative ideas:)

  4. I love the branches and trees. I think it will look great over your bed. You have to post a picture if you do it!

  5. That wall print is very nice. I can't wait to start decorating, that will have to wait until we buy a place though. Right now I am still working on unpacking.

  6. One of my favorite decor places is Tuesday Morning. It's kind of like a Ross or TJ Maxx for home decorations, and they get new things in every Tuesday.


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