Friday, April 30

fill in the blank friday - movie edition!

It's time for Lauren at The Little Things We Do's weekly Fill in the Blank Friday! This week it's all about movies and the stars who stud them. :)

1. My absolute favorite movie of all time is: The Lion King, Titanic, and Home Alone. Love em love em love em :)

2. My favorite movie as a child was: The Little Mermaid (OBSESSED - my first movie in the theaters, I was the girl in kindergarten with LM t-shirts, pencils, lunch box, shoelaces...) Fern Gully, Milo & Otis, An American Tale, Home Alone, and The Witches (so scary as a kid!!!). Okay - so you've probably started to notice, I don't always have one ultimate favorite for things! Especially movies - I freaking LOVE movies. Note my Disney obsession in this past post...

3. The best movie quote ever is from: Wedding Crashers - "Rule excuses, play like a champion!" My husband and I legit use this quote almost daily! And it sometimes reminds me to quit my b****in' about certain situations and just get the job done!

4. My favorite actress is: Dakota Fanning! #1 fan right here!!! I have ADORED her since I Am Sam and everything I have ever seen her do has been brilliant. She has such raw talent - just in awe.

Also My favorite actor is: Leonardo DiCaprio. Love love love this guy. He chooses such incredible scripts, is the muse of one of the most amazing directors ever, and is sexy as hell to boot. Catch Me if You Can, anyone? Amazing!

5. The movie I could watch over and over is: Love Actually and Home Alone. Both holiday movies - I think it's because I love anything that involves the topic of family love brought together over the holidays. Holiday movies ROCK.

6. My favorite movie genre is: aside from Christmas movies, I am ALWAYS down for a rom com! My favorite for sure. Then I'd have to say I love the raunchy comedies like Beerfest, Sooper Troopers, Wedding Crashers, etc. Such a riot, and always gives you the best movie lines! I DO NOT DO HORROR/SLASHER films. So don't ask or suggest one. Please and thank you.

7. A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is: Sherlock Holmes. Looks hilarious and it just came out on dvd! Redbox, here I come!
Hope you all had a great Friday, and if you have any movie suggestions for me, I'd love to know about them!

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  1. Love Actually is our favorite!! We actually walked back up the aisle to the song in the soundtrack. I think we have very similar tastes in movies with all the Disney and Holiday!


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