Saturday, May 1

let's face it

Overall, this week wasn't exactly my week! 

I have been so stumbly, bumbly, clumsy, and out of it that I kept thinking SURELY the next day my head would get screwed back on straight! But nope, nope. Not the case. For example, Weds night at work, I spilled my mocha all over a patient chart. Awesome. As in, STACKS of paper ruined with coffee. Most of it was reprintable, but it was still a mess and I felt like an idiot! I know these things happen, but this is the THIRD time I have done that at work! Oops... no more open containers at work for me! 

Next example, last night at work, I was in the nursery chatting with some of my coworkers about this really awkward situation that happened a while back. I was telling this story about how a dad was really impressed by his baby's boy parts. He kept saying, "He takes after his dad! Look how huge his balls are!" "I see the resemblance, he's got balls like his daddy!" etc. All this while I was bathing the baby. AWKWARD. So, as I am telling this story, I realize there are parents in the nursery, and the dad was looking at me with a quizzical expression. Damn. Guess I said "balls" too loud. Embarrassing. So I made a story about an awkward situation into an even more awkward story in the end. Just great. 

Third example of me being a space-case. I decided a few minutes ago to finally upload all my pictures from the last month onto my computer. Pictures of random nights/days out with my friends, pictures of my puppies, pictures of my anniversary date night with Tyler... What do I do? I select them all to transfer and then D.E.L.E.T.E. them. Yep. All of them. Just awesome. *sigh*

So there's my venting sesh for you, subject = my being an idiot this week!

In other news, I've been working really hard at the gym! Need to step it up in what I've been eating. I haven't been making as many home-cooked meals lately, which leads to the inevitable quesadilla or chicken nuggets or mac 'n cheese. So I need to do better about that. But with all my creative energy going into decorating our house now, I don't feel like cooking really! Anyone want to be our free chef who provides organic and fabulous meals? Anyone? Bueller? 

Speaking of decorating though, we bought our wall decal!!! SO excited! If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a peek at this post from a few days ago. I've decided to paint the space behind my bed a spring green, and we ordered the decal in white with dark green birds. And I'm getting a new duvet/sham set (shhhh, don't tell Tyler...and Tyler, if you're reading this, then...crap) to match. 

The other crafty thing I did was make shadowboxes for Penny and Gryffin! I already have made one shadowbox - for our wedding - before. Here is a pic.
I love it so much! It has our save-the-date, bridal shower invite, bachelorette party invite, wedding invitation, wedding program, wedding announcement from the newspaper, stamps we used on our save-the-dates, and a ribbon from what my bridesmaids had tied around their waist at the wedding. Plus a few cute little trinkets we got at our wedding (Erin - if I'm not mistaken, didn't you give us that sweet little silver key?) So anyway, this is proudly displayed by our front door and I just love it. This is a much less time/money-consuming project than scrapbooking, but it is essentially a hanging scrapbook page!

And here are the puppy shadowboxes!

My sweet little Penny with her tiny first collar. 
And my little lovey Gryffin with his favorite toy!

I think they look pretty darn cute side-by-side! And you can't really tell from the pictures, but the paw prints and inset pictures and words are at a different dimension than the background photo. I used these padded sticky things you're supposed to use to make things pop out into 3D or whatever. And the letters are puffy and 3D, too. So I'm really proud of my little creations, and now I just need to decide where to hang them!

So now I am off to prime that area behind our bed so hopefully I can paint it green tomorrow! Crossing my fingers for no silly painting incidents, seeing as how my head has been a little out of sorts!!! 

Cheers :)


  1. So sad about your pics...that is the worst!!! I am always scared of doing that. And the shadow boxes are great..if I had the time or creative talent I would make one for Tavey!!!

  2. Great job on those projects! And EWWWWWW to that Dad!

  3. LOVE the shadowbox! So creative! :-)


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