Wednesday, May 26

it's been a while

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been MIA...I haven't been doing too much noteworthy stuff lately. Kind of taking a break of home decorating stuff since I am waiting on my homebuyer's credit before I can really tackle the living room (PS - I've been waiting for it since NOVEMBER. November, people!!!! Ugh.) The dogs have been behaving themselves in the back yard - for now, anyway. I was doing super with working out, then took the weekend off. Today I am so sore from my arms work out yesterday, and I got my butt kicked by Mr. Trainer at the gym this morning! My legs are going to die tonight at work!!! 

I guess the biggest news is that I've started watching GLEE! Haha. I'm such a theatrical nut and I knew I should have been watching it since it started, but I avoid starting a new show because I get so addicted so easily to TV (It's sick!)! Yesterday I watched a few episodes, and they are so much fun! Borrowed Season 1 from Mandrew (thank you thank you thank you!) and am enjoying some more today :) 

Anyone else watch the Biggest Loser finale last night?!?! So awesome! My favorite part about Biggest Loser finales is the pride you see on the contestants' faces. Their smiles are just so beautiful to me! Love it :) Already excited for next season!

Pretty awesome how TV is the most exciting thing in my life, lol. 

Today I've just been playing wifey, doing laundry times a million, dishes, planning recipes, and going to the grocery store. What fun! It's not so bad interspersed with Glee episodes!!!

Happy Weds - I hope everyone has a good rest of your week!



  1. I have never heard of Glee before. What is it about? Hope that you get your money soon for your living room and for other things that you are wanting to do on your house!

  2. Lol about Jody and not having heard of Glee?! I only watched the pilot - and I loved it - but have yet to jump on the bandwagon. Usually wait to start obsessing over new shows until wintertime :)

    BIGGEST LOSER! OMG. I know everyone was rooting for Daris to be in top 3...I seriously wanted Koli to win. I don't ever vote on TV stuff and I voted for Koli 10 times, lol. If he would have been voted top 3, he would have taken the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, Mike looked incredible. Homeboy did an amazing job and he really needed that for his confidence I think. But I'm still on Team Koli :)

    Hope everything is going swimmingly at the Weigang house!



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