Tuesday, May 18

kitchen decal!

Well, what do you know, I checked my mail today and received our decal for our kitchen! Hooray!!! What a fun way to start my week! Here is a pic of the lovely decal I put up :)

Here is our stove area before:

Gross, for some reason I just REALLY disliked that fruit bowl picture! That was the one thing about the kitchen I really didn't like. 

And after!
Our kitchen is just looking so much sunnier with the change of decor! I am loving it so much :) Still have some odds and ends to add on, but the major stuff in the kitchen is all done!

Okay, just thought I'd share :) Lovin' these Etsy purchases!!!


  1. Ummm and HOW FREAKING CUTE with your fruit too?? Like to the MAX.


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