Saturday, May 29

i can hardly see straight...

Contrary to what the title of this post on a Friday night (or Saturday morning) at 5am might make you think, the reason why I can't see straight isn't from a fun night out on the town imbibing big kid beverages. I can't blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol babay. It's because it's 5am and I'm at third 12-hour shift in a row...omg. I'm on my break, and man, 5am - without fail - is my wall. I hit it hard every morning, and no amount of repititions of "only two hours left" can make my eyes open any wider. Maybe it's psychological and if I stop looking at clocks at work I won't know when 5am hits and I won't ram into that wall of lethargy. But I probably will. And considering my job relies a lot on looking at the clock for vital signs and baby isn't really an option to not look at it. Oh well. Don't get me wrong, work has been great this week! I got to work my night shifts on my normal floor with a great crew. It's been steady busy so the nights have gone by fairly quickly, I can't really complain! It's my own fault that I cheerily bounce out of bed during the day after maybe 5 hours of sleep, so sure that it won't be a problem come 5am...but it always is! Will I ever learn??? haha.

Well, I'm almost done with my shift which means I'm almost done with my work week which means I can almost enjoy Memorial Day weekend! Yay!!! We will probably do some really crazy exciting stuff like go to the dog park, go to the gym, and maybe go to church! Outlandish, I know ;)

But I think I am headed to Estes Park with a girlfriend Monday for some hiking and hanging out, so that should be lots of fun! Of course Estes is having both an Art Market with music/food in the park and an antiques and collectables show on Memorial Day (more crazy activities from my life for ya), so that should be entertaining at least!

TANGENT --> speaking of antique and arts shows, fun little fact about me: my grandmother buys Native American jewelry from artists on reservations and sells it out of her home, out of a shop for a while, and multiple times each year at shows just like the aforementioned arts/crafts or antiques/collectables shows. When I was 7 years old, I started helping her at these shows. I still help her every once in a while. It's a fun way to spend a day with my grandma, and it's a fanTAStic place to people watch! A lot of crazies show up at those things! Plus, my grandma pays me in *jewelry* - sterling silver and turquoise or opal or onyx or coral...what granddaughter could say no to that proposition?

Tangent aside, I apologize for my spelling if there are any errors (fun fact #2 - I placed second in our school spelling bee in the 5th grade. I'm a genius ;) ). Like I said, it's these computers don't have built in spell-check (sad generation we are, if the computer won't check it for me...I can't be bothered to read over my blog post for errors!).

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!
Cheers to you and yours~


  1. You're hilarious when you're sleep deprived :) I'm glad you're getting hours again at work and hope you have a fantabulous Memorial Day Weekend!!


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