Friday, June 4

confusing the IRS

Okay, peeps, I am BEYOND thrilled to share with you that I FINALLY got my first time homebuyer's credit in the mail today! There is kind of a history to this situation...let me share the timeline with you...

*April 2009 - Got married
*August 2009 - Bought townhome
*September 2009 - amend 2008 taxes for first time homebuyer's credit  because SURELY it will be much faster to amend 2008's taxes than to wait for 2009 taxes to go through in April 2010. Have to amend each of our separate 2008 tax returns because as of taxes 2008 we were not yet married.
*October 2009 - receive tax amendments back because of an error - fix and refile
*December 2009 - receive Tyler's half of the homebuyer's credit
*January 2010 - receive letter saying my claim for my half of the credit is being audited. UGH! Have to submit 5 documents (car title, house deed, driver's license...I don't even remember what else) to prove I am me (name changes are confusing for the IRS, I guess) and that I do in fact own the home I'm claiming to own.
*March 2010 - receive letter saying the audit is being processed.
*May 2010 - receive letter saying they believe me and credit is on the way
*June 2010 - receive credit in the mail!

The only thing good about the whole delay debacle is that they add interest to what they owe you so I got $180 interest from the IRS. Nice! 

However, the battle isn't over...I went to deposit the check and realized it was made out to my MAIDEN NAME! Ugh!!! So...I deposited it anyway and am crossing my fingers that everything goes well! 

Because...I have been waiting 9 months for this and we are using some of the $$$ to re-do our living room! I am dying to get our new couch and tv and rug and bookshelves!!! Please please please go through, money! 

Okay, so now you all have heard me whine :) 

On that note, I am happy it's Friday and I don't work til Monday night so I plan on enjoying the weekend with good friends, food, travel, camping, and whatever else comes my way!

Much love & Cheers!

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  1. Oh no...that does seem like a stressful situation with the stupid IRS. I would hope that the check would go through with your maiden name. Sometimes changing names stinks when it comes to legal stuff.


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