Monday, June 14

lazy, yet awesome!

This weekend was the first weekend since Tyler has been done with his first year of med school that we actually got to spend it together just being kind of lazy! And it was GREAT! Don't get me wrong, camping last weekend was a blast, but sometimes it's so nice just to lounge, you know? So, on Thursday night we did the big TV shopping trip! And we found ourselves a Panasonic 50" Plasma with 720p capabilities at Best Buy. It was perfectly in our price range, but then the 4-year additional warranty added another $140...and the energy saving power strip added another $80...and then there's tax...damn...another $65. So we ended up over budget on the TV but we were way under budget on our couch, so it actually evened out perfectly to what our living room budget is! Hooray!

Here's a pic:

The entertainment center looks a little better with the upgraded TV, right! (here's a pic of our dinky TV from before just for an FYI comparison!)

We have enjoyed our new TV PLENTY this weekend! Especially with the start of the World Cup! What fun :) I like soccer, and I have played it for most of my life, but Tyler REALLY likes soccer! It's so fun to watch something with him that he actually gets excited about. He doesn't really get excited about much on TV, so it's definitely a treat to see him worked up about watching something for once!

On Saturday night we rented The Hangover via DVDPlay (similar to RedBox) and enjoyed the hilarity of the ridiculous situations they found themselves in during that fateful night in Vegas! We saw it in the theaters but I had forgotten all the one-liners that I loved so much the first time around! 

Sunday night we rented Shutter Island. OMG Scorsese! Such a mind trip at the end! Well done, and I'm obsessed with DiCaprio, but I still can't decide it he was crazy or not?!?! What do you think? Was he a man who cracked because of what his wife and then subsequently he did? Or was he truly Teddy and everyone was in on this plot to keep him on the island? Or was he crazy but had a breakthrough and then pretended to still be crazy so he could go to the lighthouse and be through with life as he knew it because he couldn't pretend through the pain anymore? Either way, it was a good flick!

Thus far, this post makes it sound as though we've been on the couch ALL weekend! Most, but not all, my friends :) Friday night we went to the Garden Grapes & Hops event at the Botanic Gardens with my family. It was sooooooo much fun! Picture this: $25. Buys you all the wine, beer, and food samples you want for 4 hours. From top wineries, breweries, and restaurants. Accompanied by live music delivered by the band HomeSlice. It was AWESOME! It is now my new summer tradition! I hope to go and drag along as many friends/family as I can every year! It was great weather during the first hour, and then rained a bit for the next few. But with some beer in one hand and an umbrella in the other + tons of tents to ward off the rain, it was fine! Plus it kept some of the people who can't handle rain away = more food for me! lol. Then the rain stopped and we went in front of the stage and sang and dance to our hearts' content! Such a fun night. Here are some pics to prove it:
The pretty lights in the tents!

Saturday was my sister-in-law's 21st birthday, so we went to her house in Greeley and played some games and ate some good eats. I also hit the gym twice this weekend. So, you see, my rear wasn't glued to the couch ALL weekend ;)

Anyhoo - that was my weekend! Hope yours was fab!

Cheers to a new week!


  1. Your outfit is fabulous!! YOU look fantastic miss :)

  2. Cute outfit!!! I want that belt! And, it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend...the Garden Grapes & Hops looked like a ton of fun. I;ve never even heard of it before.

    I'm pretty sure Teddy had a breakthrough but pretended to still be crazy because he didn't want to live his life of pain in a mental institution...that's my theory at least.


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