Friday, June 18

the attempt to donate to salvation army

Okay, so if you have been following lately, you'll know that Tyler and I are in a state of re-doing our living room. We have our new furniture, so we needed our old furniture to go bye-bye. This included an office chair, a coffee table, a TV stand, a TV, a bookshelf, and a couch. None of it is in bad shape at all, but it also isn't worth a whole lot. We didn't want to have a garage sale or anything like that, and no one really expressed much interest in taking the pre-loved furniture off of our hands (well, my brother-in-law is taking a bookshelf). 

So, we decided to make a donation to the Salvation Army! It's easy to schedule a pick-up, your donation is tax-deductible, and then we don't have to worry about finding a way to haul a couch somewhere. Today was donation day. I worked last night, so Tyler put out all of our donation items this morning around 7:40am. Then he left. Then I pulled up to our home around 7:50am. I saw our couch outside of our garage and nothing else. The first thing I thought was, "Great. Tyler left the TV and TV stand in the garage for me to move out. How the hell am I supposed to move those on my own?" I opened the garage and realized none of the other furniture was in sight. 

Apparently our neighbors acted pretty darn fast! In a 10-minute window they succeeded in swiping all of our Salvation Army donation except for the couch - I am presuming because they couldn't move it. Oh well. At least the SA will have a couch. I went to sleep for the morning pretty amused with the rapid snatching my neighborhood is capable of. I woke up around 1:30pm to the dogs barking up a storm in the back yard - oh the Salvation Army must be here! I open the garage expecting to see no couch. But I did see a couch.

Upon inspection of the couch, I realize 2 of the couch legs have been busted off, one cushion is missing, and one pillow is missing. Really? You attempted to take the couch, but it didn't work out, you broke the legs off in the process, and then took one cushion and pillow instead? Making it go from comfortable and well-used to complete trash? Thanks. Then there is a note from Salvation Army saying they came by but the couch was in too poor of condition to take. Frowny face. No shit. So someone had tried to swipe it, ruined it in the process, then the SA came by to get what I said was a fine couch, and they find trash. Awesome. 

Not only am I bummed we ended up not donating anything, but now we are stuck with a trashed couch. Awesome. So, I called Waste Management and apparently for $25 + fuel fees they'll pick it up next Thurs with the rest of the regular trash pick-up. So now we just have to keep it for the next week then it will go to the landfill. Which I hate because it was perfectly usable :(

Thanks for reading my grumbles. 
Have you ever had good intentions then they get ruined?


  1. Oh my god katie!! I'm sorry that deserves a big fat WTF!? I am blown away how can people be so dishonest? That is unbelievable.

  2. Oh my gosh, I would be so PISSED!!!! Do you know which neighbors it was?

  3. No idea :( We are in a townhome so 20+ people could have easily seen the loot pretty quickly.

  4. what the heck! that's crazy. i'm sorry that happened-some people are ridiculous!


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