Tuesday, June 8

camping: the pups are in love!

Okay, so I realize it is a tad ridiculous to write three posts in one day...haha. But the thing is that all three topics: work craziness, living room decor, and last weekend's camping trip are all so different! I didn't want to clutter one post (like I sometimes do). Last weekend we went up the Poudre Canyon, which follows the Cache La Poudre River, for a bit of camping! Tyler and I have been SO excited to do this ever since we got the pups, and this was the second weekend the campsites were open, so we decided to go for it! We went to the Kelly Flats campsite and camped along the river for a night. It was great!

There were a total of 6 people and 7 dogs - we were outnumbered by the crazy canines! We all had so much fun, though! I got to use my new sleeping bag:
Got it at a GREAT deal from Dick's Sporting Goods! $75 20 degree sleeping bag on sale for $40. Score!  Penny thought it was nice too, and decided it would be a great idea to sleep IN the sleeping bag with me, haha. Gryffin was content curling up on my feet all night, but Penny started out sleeping on my pillow with me, then migrated into the sleeping bag. She is so skinny when she stretches out, so she just layed all down my side. When I woke up I just saw her hind paws and tail sticking out the top of the bag. Silly pup :)

It was so gorgeous out there :) I love love love camping and I LOVE living near the Rocky Mountains! 

They LOVED the river! There was a shallow, slower section behind our campsite and they played in it as often as I would let them! 
Brrr, mommy!
Gryffin helped daddy make a campfire :)
Gryffin got slimed by marshmallow goo - got a bath as soon as we got home!
Mommy I LOOOOOOVE camping!

They played so much and basically ran for 24 hours, and had some serious puppy hangovers after! They slept for like 18 hours when we got home! We went hiking up Young's Gulch, and Penny played the part of a mountain goat - soaring from rock to rock and climbing them like it aint no thang :) Gryffy was obsessed with the water, and happily bounded like such a goober in whatever pool of water he could find! Overall it was a great success! Penny did really well off-leash, and let's just say that Gryffin has some work to do in the listening department before he can join the big kids off-leash :)

Cheers to fun in the sun, water, mountains, and dirt!


  1. i seriously can't stand how cute Penny is!!! (Gryffin too!) she has such a kangaroo face/head, it's so adorable! Looks like they had a blast : )

  2. Hi Kaitlyn! Thanks for stopping by Windy Poplars today. It was nice to meet you :-) I enjoyed reading some of your posts tonight - what a fun camping trip it looks like you had! Don't you just love living outside this time of the year? I have to admit, I've been a little scared of taking my pooch camping-although I know he'd love it! He's a Bichon, so he's white and his fur is like velcro - just don't think it will mix w/ all the leaves he'll want to roll in, and all the swimming he'd love to do. I know. I treat him like a prissy dog ;-). Looks like your pups had a blast though! I was glancing over your profile, and saw that we have some things in common too - that's always fun to discover! I love hanging out w/ my hubby and pooch (I just NEVER seem to get tired of them!), I enjoy literature and musical theatre, spending time w/ friends, an eclectic mix of music, decorating, and both my hubby and I just love Harry Potter. Counting the months until the next movie is out! Ok, well this turned into the longest comment ever.- Sorry about that :-) Enjoy your evening, ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  3. Looks like a fun pooch loving weekend. That is one crazy looking sleeping bag!


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