Friday, June 4

fill in the blank friday - travel time!

Lauren at The Little Things We Do came up with a GREAT theme this week! All about traveling! I would say that is my favorite "activity" if it qualifies as being such :) Play along this week or next week, if you like! Loads of fun!

1.  My dream vacation would be       a long trip to Europe including extensive travel and relaxation in Greece, Spain, Italy, and Ireland. Those are my next four European countries I'd looooove to hit! Not for a long time, but some day!   .

2.  The best trip I've ever taken was      maybe my honeymoon! What's better than spending a week with the love of your life post wedding-stress?!?! We went to Napa Valley and San Francisco! Wine, food, wine, wine, food...that was kind of our schedule in Napa! Plus, we took a biking tour of the wineries which was so much fun! Good thing we had helmets, I was certainly a little tipsy by the end of the day! They must not administer BUIs there... And San Francisco is my favorite big city yet! It's amazing! Such a conglomeration of different cultures, it was such a blast! I felt at home with my hippy self there :) 
Oh and also living in Costa Rica on the beach for 6 weeks saving the sea turtles wasn't so bad ;) .

3.  The most important items to take on a road trip are       camera, optimistic and flexible travel mates (to counteract my panicky states when plans don't work out as planned), sunglasses    .

4.  The next trip I'm looking forward to is       leaving tomorrow for my first camping trip of the season! YAY! The campsites just opened last week so hopefully we can find a good one! The pups haven't been camping yet and we are going up the Poudre Canyon, it should be wonderful! I'll tell you all about it on Monday!  .

5.  If I had to pick one CD to listen to for a long road trip it would be     definitely Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever and RHCP's Stadium Arcadium :)   .

6.  The biggest disaster I've ever encountered while traveling  was      I feel like there have been disasters but I've forced them out of my memory! lol. One was when driving to Illinois with my family there was a massive hail/rain storm that started up so suddenly! We were boxed in the highway surrounded by semi trucks and cars were sliding all over the place! I was seriously FREAKING out!!!   .

7.  My favorite traveling memory is     This is kind of general.  I love Colorado's climate, but whenever I step off of an airplane and into a new climate, the humidity (usually wherever I go is more humid than here!) hits me in the face and kind of has a strangely intoxicating effect on me. Like I need a margarita and a hammock asap. Love that feeling :) Drunk with warmth!  Take me back, Costa Rica!!! La Pura Vida    .
Where is the best vacation you ever took??? 
Cheers to your weekend!!!!!


  1. "I felt at home with my hippy self there"---love it!
    I'm pretty jealous you got to save sea turtles-that is so awesome.
    Have fun camping--we took our one dog camping last summer and it was a blast. We're excited to take them both this year. You'll have to let us know how they do : )

  2. I think that Napa would be a great place to honeymooon...scratch that a great place to go anytime! it is on my list of places to go. Have fun camping!


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