Monday, June 14

pretty princess penny

My darling little puppy girl is 1 Year Old today!!! Or so we think, considering she is a rescue pup...this is the birthday we made up for her :) But anyway, June 14th is the day we have chosen to celebrate the birth and life of our little princess Penny! I thought I'd kick it off with a bloggy post of some of my favorite pics of her :) Without further ado:
Playing with her first toy on her first day home :)
Fighting the mirror, grrrrr!
What a pretty sit!
Her Halloween shirt! Haha
Too cute! Her dress from the Target dollar bins that fit for approximately a week! 
Cutie pie
Kangaroo Dog!
Those ears get me every time :)
Haha my little fancy pants!

Okay that's enough, you get the picture...I love little Penny Bop!

I'm going to get dressed then it's off to Petsmart to let her pick out a treat! I am totally going to be a goober mommy today and get a puppy cupcake or something and put a candle in it for her :) Hopefully it results in some cutie pictures that I can post for ya tomorrow!!!

Cheers to my little puppy girl who is a ball of spunk and attitude with a soft lovey center :)


  1. What a cutie! Her ears are so hilarious.

  2. She is such a cute puppy!! I can't believe that she is 1 already.

  3. She is SOO cute :) I LOVE the picture of her sitting on the couch with her cute pink collar.

  4. she is so adorable!! Happy birthday penny : )

  5. Happy birthday to Penny! She is one adorable pup. Our pups love the doggie ice cream on their birthdays!


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