Monday, June 21

giveaway & getaway

Hey friends :) So, first of all, the lovely Courtney over at With Gratitude is celebrating her blog's 1st birthday! Congrats to her! To celebrate, she is giving away a gift card to one of 3 awesome shopping havens! Check it out and wish her a happy blog-anniversary!

In other news, we went camping again over the weekend. This time with my in-laws up by Red Feather! Such a beautiful day! I was running on 2 hours of sleep (worked Weds Thurs Fri nights, ugh), but I managed to remain cordial and awake for longer than I anticipated! haha. The dogs went CRAZY - as usual. They are outdoor freaks! Literally ran laps around the campsite for hours! And our little white furred Gryffy ended up a lovely shade of charcoal gray by bedtime :) Have to share a few pics, of course:
Mmm...Cold. Hard. Refreshing. Ain't that the truth!

What an innocent pup!

Except for when playing with the grill! haha, nice warrior markings, eh?

And getting SLIMED by warm marshmallow goo...yes it is in his eye!

Oh how he loves the food he gets to eat while camping!

Can you spot the deer I mean Penny dog? She played mountain goat all day.


Happy Monday, y'all :)

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