Wednesday, June 30

music music music!

Hey y'all! It's midweek and I have to tell you, I have been pretty darn lazy with my week thus far. We went camping over the weekend, which was fun and beautiful. Sunday I accidentally got waaaasted. How does that accidentally happen? Well. It all started with an innocent enough glass of wine with my husband. Then our friends came to stay the night while they are house-hunting in Denver. We were so happy to see them, and offered them a beverage. Before I knew it, I had polished off a bottle of wine {almost all by myself - oops}. Next thing I know, my hands had mixed margarita ingredients, shaked the goods on ice, and poured a tall round of margs. Without my brain knowing, my sneaky hands accomplished all of that. Damn. Then my brilliant husband {we make quite a pair ;)} poured a round of tequila shots. RED FLAG RED FLAG! Then, I decide to finish the night by polishing off a beer. Naturally.

Ugh. So...I spent Monday in a worthless state known as a hangover. Literally all day long. Like - puking until 6pm. Go big or go home, right? Welp. I went big.

Monday night, however, I went over to Mandrew's for a little din-din action {well, Sprite and watermelon...}, and I learned an A.MAZING technology trick - how to convert videos into mp3s!!! So, I spent the afternoon getting lots and lots of freeee music! Hooray! What sort of songs did I download? Ones like these. Haha. Prepare to be amused. 

Omg I'm such a nerd. I literally downloaded 20 Disney songs, some remixes, some sung by famous peeps, and some the movie version. LOVE me some Disney, as you probably know by know (if not, check out this post). I also spent the majority of the day listening to the Glee soundtracks! So awesome! My favorite favorite favorite is the It's My Life + Confessions mash up :)

So then I worked last night, slept for a few hours today, and am about to meet my friend at the gym. My work called to see if I wanted to work a bonus shift - which I do - but I've had 3 1/2 hours of sleep today. Probably not a great idea. Plus, I've been missing quality time with my husband like nobody's business. Between work and all this camping and visitors staying with us - we haven't truly had a night to ourselves in soooooo long. So I'm thinking a night in with the loves of my life is in order :)

Happy Weds, my friends! I hope it's a blessed one :)



  1. You poor thing. Hangovers make drinking almost not worth it. The worst is when you start throwing up. It takes me days to recover from that. Glad that you're feeling better!

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