Friday, July 2

new shoes alert!

Okay so I am SUCH a dork - but I am SO excited about my new shoes for work! I always wore my tried & true Nikes to work...which were comfortable but not okay. Not okay because it's pretty gross to work in a hospital and wear your work shoes around to other places. There's a lot of crap on the floor of a hospital and I really wanted shoes JUST for work. I had been eying Danskos for a while. They're a very popular brand of shoe in the nursing community, and in any other profession where you spend long hours on your feet. They are reputed to be sooooo comfortable! But the price tag of $120 kept me waiting. Last night, however, I was asked to work a bonus shift! Time and 1/2 plus bonus pay!!! Wahoo! What do I do? Instead of saving the money...I immediately went out and bought my very own pair of fancy pants shoes for work! I LOVE them! I got the leopard print ones and they really were comfortable last night (even with two blisters on my feet from all the running I did yesterday)! So here are the new beauties:

I love the leopard print because when you wear scrubs (black pants + wine tops) all the time at work, there's not much room for flair. I do my best with earrings and headbands, but these shoes are FAB! 

Okay, that's all! Just sharing my new joy!!!

Cheers :)


  1. I LOVE dansko's!!! I have the mary jane wine red kind and they're my favorite. I live(d) in them when I was teaching! :) The leopard ones are amazing. Welcome to the beautiful world of dankso's! Like tattoos...they're addicting! :P

  2. Alright Miss Kaity...I've never worn shoes like this before. Having said that...I see them and all I think is CLOGS! lol Get it gurl. You're amazing.


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