Tuesday, July 13

5.46 miles

Okay, folks.

Monday was my first official training day for the Rock & Roll Half-Marathon! I went to this website to create a 14-week training program for the half, and it mapped out what I should do each day up til the run. And what do you know - my first day of training was a 6 mile run! Geez! A few years ago I literally ran 5 miles every day for a year. I missed maybe 2 days of running. It was awesome and I felt awesome. Since my running dedication has ceased, I have run around 5 miles maybe a couple of times a month. So 6 miles didn't really scare me.

But I did work last night, and I did work tonight. So that left me with not a lot of time to fit my run in. I slept for 7 hours today, made it to the gym by 4:20 (all proud of myself, since I don't usually go during my work stretches), and then was kinda mad that I didn't have time to finish my run. I finished 5.46 miles before the clock struck 5:30 (which is my last call at the gym before I have to have to leave to go get ready for work). So, while I am kinda bummed I didn't hit the 6 mile mark, I'm happy that I did a great run today. It felt sooooo good and the endorphins have been working in my favor all night long at work!

So there's your update.
Day 1 = success :)



  1. OK, I'm really going to enjoy following along on this since I'm trying to psych myself up for a half marathon. Keep us posted!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed! I hate running and am usually proud if I get a mile in :)

  3. 卡爾.桑得柏:「除非先有夢,否則一切皆不成。」共勉!..................................................................

  4. That's quite a lot to run...so proud of you! I've been trying to amp up my running, but usually only do 3 miles. Let's run together! :)


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