Tuesday, July 27

my love for leo grows

Hey hey! 

So, we spent another weekend up in Fort Collins this weekend, enjoying some time with our families. On Saturday night, Tyler and I went to see Inception with my parents. I was naturally stoked to see the movie, because anything with Leonardo DiCaprio is going to be amazing. He is hands down my favorite actor! What a versatile actor with more depth and feeling than many can muster. And he's got a running tally of choosing phenomenal scripts. His latest hits: Shutter Island. The Blood Diamond. The Departed. The Aviator. Catch Me If You Can. Gangs of New York. And that's just in the last 8 years. Anyway, clearly I adore and admire the man.

He certainly did not disappoint in his latest blockbuster! Inception was witty in that Ocean's Eleven way, intense in that Eagle Eye way, and mind-blowing in that Scorsese way. 
 Leo stars as Cobb, a thief whose specialty is stealing important information out of people's minds while they are sleeping {extraction}. He is trying desperately to get his name cleared (the US Government thinks he killed his wife - played eerily by Marion Cotillard), and a powerful businessman (Ken Watanabe) offers him a way to get home free. Cobb must implant an idea into someone's mind {inception}. This has rarely been done before, and in order to complete the task, he must assemble a team of experts. 

Joseph Gordon Levitt (Angels in the Outfield) plays Arthur, Cobb's sidekick, and DAMN he is so hot in this movie! I'm not sure what it was about him, but every time he came on the screen, my jaw just dropped. Looks like crushes never truly go away! Not only is he sexy, his character was SUCH a badass!

Ellen Page joins the team as Ariadne the "Architect", or the person who designs the target's dreams to make them appear real. She is super smart and most definitely keeps up with the boys in this one, even telling DiCaprio off a time or two!

In addition, there is a chemist who puts them in dream state (not to mention the dream within a dream within a dream within a dream state it goes to...yeah, level 4 y'all), a forger who adds some humor to the mix, and Michael Caine plays Cobb's father. The action never stops as this star-studded film amazes from start to finish!

Needless to say, {but I'm saying it anyway} I highly recommend this film!

I want to see it again. 
What are your plans for this afternoon? 
Want to see it with me?


  1. Loved, loved, loved this movie!!! I'm all about Leo, but, like you, I was floored by Joseph Gordon Levitt and totally turned on by him. haha!! I'll see this one with you! We can ooh and ahh and pretend like movie theater popcorn is healthy. :-)

  2. Um, so I ALSO love JGL. If you haven't seen him in 500 Days of Summer, OH MY GOSH, you MUST! EEESH! Very sexy and arguably one of the best actors of our generation. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  3. My hubby told me that he wanted to see that movie and I do too. That doesn't happen often. When I saw JGL I couldn't place him so of course I googled him. I loved Angels in the Outfield!


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