Wednesday, July 28

thoughts i am thinking

Happy Wednesday!

I am thinking some random things. And maybe you'd like to take a little trip into this silly little mind of mine...

1. know I have been collecting Disney movies...last week I went a little crazy and bought like 10 movies between ebay, Amazon, and Target. I decided to try buying a couple of used movies that were of "very good" quality to save some $$. Well, that worked out just fine for Aladdin and Pocahontas...but let me tell Emperor's New Groove used movie was NOT "very good" quality! The cover had sticky stuff on it and the pictures under the plastic were all frayed around the edges. Not cool. :( So, what do I do? I buy another *new* copy from Target! Morals of the story: I'm not buying used D. movies anymore - sorry, I just like the shiny pretty covers too much. And I'm kind of ridiculous, proof being that now I own two copies of the Emperor's New Groove. lol. 

2. Speaking of said Disney spree...I have decided that my compulsive and impulsive buying needs to yesterday! I decided I am going to my girlfriend's wedding in Seattle in September, and to make this work I need to cut out the D sprees, Target sprees, and all other unnecessary expenses that would make me feel slightly guilty. I decided this on Sunday and so far, so good! {I know, it's only been 3 days...but give me a little credit!}

3. I DESPERATELY need to go to the grocery store! I. Need. Milk. A.S.A.P. Our fridge is pretty bare except for condiments...

4. I saw Salt with a gf last night. Pretty good! I mean, it's the typical Angelina is a hot bad-ass movie, but there's some pretty sweet CIA/spy twists to it! I give it 3 1/2 stars. 

5. My mommy is coming up today to hang out! We're going to cruise the Cherry Creek Dog Park :)

6. I'm going to the Springs tonight to see Pro!!! Hooray for impromptu dates :)

7. I ran 7 miles yesterday! Yep. I ran ALL 7 (taking a 30 second break every 2 miles for some H2O) I felt really good about it :) And I'm logging off in a few to hit the gym with Joedes!

8. I am reading the Amber Spyglass - the third installment of His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass series) and all I can think about are the characters/storyline. I even had a dream last night where my sister was a soul-sucking Spector except she could only go through walls where there were Christmas wreaths hanging, otherwise a flower would hit her in the face. Weird. And my brother and I were doing math homework. Real weird.

Anyhoo - RANDOME - I'm off to hit the gym, buy some milk, then curl up with my book til my mama gets here! What a fab Wednesday, y'all! I hope you have a good one, too!

xoxo CHEERS! xoxo


  1. wow i cannot believe you can run 7 miles straight. i am IMPRESSED! I hope I can get there some day : ) I have been really into buying movies lately too---it's getting expensive.

  2. I am a Disney lover myself. I always buy the classic ones when they get released from the Disney Vault. Yes, cheesy but I love it!

  3. Just found your blog and I love it, girl! I'm also addicted to Disney movies...been collecting them for quite sometime. And way to go on running 7 miles! Motivates me to hit the gym this evening!

  4. You def, did not share that dream with me. Sounds like me though. So it's okay.


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