Monday, July 19

make that monaayyy!

So, this last week has been crazy crazy busy! I was scheduled to work Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights. I worked Sunday night sitting in a room all night with a lively and happily confused patient who enjoyed watching old Saved By The Bell episodes with me and serenaded me with hum-diddly types of songs during the commercial breaks. He slept for 20 minutes total, and kept me busy for the remaining 7 hours and 40 minutes of my shift. He succeeded in changing my mentality that sitting is boring and generally worthless over nights (because the patients usually just sleep, in my experience). Monday night was busy on my floor! Babies flying out left and right. Made the night fly by!

Tuesday I slept for 3 hours after my Monday night shift, then woke up and headed to the Lilith Fair festivities with Manuel, Andrew, and Manuel's sister. It was such a flipping HOT summer day! My tank top was drenched with back's a good thing the demographic that was attending the concert weren't really my type (ie: love the rainbow!). There was free swag area where we walked around and gathered mostly body mists and tampons, but the sweetest part was the free photo booth with color pictures!

My sister, mom, aunt, and cousins showed up and we lounged on the grass basking in the (freakishly hot) sun. The bands opening for the openers were maybe not my favorite...but once the music on the main stage started, we jammed. Anjulie was impressive with her.......... Then there was Ingrid Michaelson, who was charming in an awkward and unenthusiastic way. She did, however, end her set with a rendition of B. Spears's "Toxic", which I loved! Metric was a techno group that I maybe would've been more into if I were in a dark club, but lounging on the grass under the sun with 3 hours of sleep to my didn't rub me the right way. Next was Emmylou Harris...and...I don't really know what to say. Folk music doesn't so much do it for me. I fell asleep then ate some chicken during her set.

Then. 7 hours after we had originally arrived at Lilith. THE Sarah McLachlan graced the stage. Poised over the grand piano she began with, "Spend all your time waiting, for that second chance..."

With that song, all the lackluster performances of the day were wiped from our memories and finally the event was worth our time. She seems just as sweet in person as she does in those "adopt an animal" commercial. SO genuine! But also, more of a rocker than I ever knew! She jammed and rocked and sang and pounded those keys. She played all her classics and only a few of her new songs (let's face it, people go to these concerts to hear the oldies/goodies). It was AWESOME! We left, starstruck, crooning "Building A Mystery" on our way to the car.

Funny thing, work called right before Sarah. They reeeeeally needed me to come into work. Thankfully, I have decided to not drink alcohol until after my Oct. 17th half-marathon, so I was good to go! After the concert, I changed, and jetted off to work for a bonus shift! Cha-ching! Working on 3 hours of sleep ain't no thang, right? lol. Needless to say, Weds I passed out ALL DAY LONG. Worked Weds night again, which was supposed to be my Friday. Thursday morning, before I even left work to go home, they asked if I could come back Thurs night for ANOTHER bonus. I couldn't say no, and thus I ended up working 5 nights as opposed to my usual 3. 

2 bonus shifts = I went Disney movie shopping online. lol. I think you all know by now that I love love love classic Disneys, and around January I decided to start my own little collection. At that time, I bought 10 movies! This week, I bought 7! Aladdin, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Hercules, Pocahontas, Emperor's New Groove, and Oliver & Company. Yep yep yep! Super excited :) With plenty of $ left over from my bonuses for a car payment! Score. 

For those of you who read my blog over the winter, you saw my frustration with all of my shifts getting canceled all the time. Well, baby season is in full swing and I am trying to work as much as I can now, building as much PTO as I can, so that when the babies slow down again this winter, I don't have to be freaking out when my shifts are canceled. That's the plan anyway. 

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! I spent mine in Fort Collins with the fam. And I hope your Monday is a fresh and fab start to a new week :)


PS - I'm considering doing something like J. Craig or W. Watchers for 3 months or so to help me get over the plateau I am at...
Have any of you done either of these? 
If so - which do you recommend? 
What did you like/dislike about the programs?

Thanks  :)


  1. Hey Mama!!
    Alright...multi-step response here. Bare (bear?) with me :)
    1.) LILITH FAIR! So jealous. I was supposed to go with a couple friends but we weren't even gonna get off work until 4pm - by then we would have missed a bunch of people perform so we bailed last minute. SO glad you had fun!
    2.) And WOO FREAKING HOO for bonus shifts! Extra monay is extra good. MMM HMMMM.
    3.) You know where I stand on the WW, girl. DO IT! I'm a big proponent of the program and full-heartedly believe in long as you follow it. I like it because you can really eat what you want - cake, ice cream, pizza - and then it teaches you where you cut out the other crap along the way. Give and take. If you're gonna do it, do it with the go-to meetings and weigh in. It's an extra support AND an extra incentive to try hard (because someone will be right there to weigh you in!). They also celebrate accomplishments with you...which feels good :) DO IT MAMA!

    Good luck...hope we can get together soon!

  2. Wow, that is a busy work week but having extra money for things is good too.
    I recommend Weight Watchers. You can do it all online and it allows you to eat what you want. You have your daily points with extra allowance points. I lost weight right away on it when I thought that I would never lose any weight.

  3. Cute pictures, i want the ones of us up!
    Love you.
    P.S- Disney movie shopping...really needs to stop.


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