Monday, July 12

joys & concerns

So, I was thinking about how I have a few things to rant about, but also a few fun things to tell you all about. And the phrase 'joys and concerns' popped into my head. During my junior high and high school youth group years, at the end of each youth group, we went around in a circle and discussed the joys in our lives and also things we're concerned about. So, without further ado...

First, the pity party: I think many of you know that Tyler and I had been really excited to take a trip together to Hawaii. Then, in April his car died and we had to buy a new one. Scratch any chance of a romantic getaway. I felt slightly better because I had a really fun week planned in the middle of July. First, I bought tickets to Lilith Fair, which is playing this Tuesday. I am going with my mom, sister, aunt, and cousins. Totally excited! Then last week I found out that Kelly Clarkson pulled out of Lilith Fair. UGH! Not fair. Pun totally intended. Whatever. So now I know Sarah McLaughlin and Ingrid Michaelson, who will be great, and then there is a slew of other artists that I have never heard of. Effing Kelly. Then the other fun part of this upcoming week was going to be the Rihanna & Ke$ha concert on Thurs. Planning on going with Mandrew - and we were totally ready to rock! But I guess I'll never know how awesome it would have been because Rihanna canceled her concert!!! Not cool! So my supersweet week that I have been looking forward to ALL summer now kind of sucks.
But now, for the fun things that make up for the bummerness of the concert situation. Work was actually superfun last week! It reaffirmed my decision to stay on nights because I LOVE my coworkers :) This weekend was sooooo much fun. Keyan came down Friday night and we went to the Rockies game. It was perfect weather, we witnessed a grand slam, and we won - so all around a great night! Saturday we decided to go to the Sports Column with Keyan, Clint, and Erin to watch the World Cup 3rd place game. Sadly, the bar wasn't full of the rowdy soccer hooligans we had been hoping for, but it was a good game nonetheless! And the bottomless mimosas for $9 didn't hurt! Neither did watching the boys do the jalapeno eating challenge. Haha. They ate a raw jalapeno, waited 5 minutes without drinking anything, then had a tequila shot. And they got a shirt out of the deal :) 

Saturday night was a blast, too! A lot of my nursing coworkers and I went out for a fancy little black dress night! We started at the Rio for some margs and foodstuffs, then we headed to the Champagne Bar. Which I LOVED! At some point someone decided we should tell people it was my bachelorette party because there were 13 of us out! So the shots for the bachelorette and her bridal party started flowing! We followed up with a night of dancing at Suite 200. Overall fab night! And felt stellar today, let me tell you :( Tyler and I have decided to ward of alcohol for the next three months because...A) We are tired of hangovers. and B)...

We signed up for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon! I've always wanted to do a half marathon, and I've been lacking motivation for working out, so I thought this might give me the kick in the pants I need! It sounds like it's going to be fun (is there really a way for running 13.1 miles to be fun?), because at every mile marker, there is a live band rocking out! I figured it will distract me a bit during the run. And after, there is a party at the finish line, so that should be fun too! I've been recruiting people to do it with me, so now I really have to work hard for it, because I don't want to be the one who can't do it! Tomorrow starts my training! I have til October 17th to be ready, and my goal is to finish it in 2hrs 30mins...I'm eager to get it started! And honestly, with all the drinking I did this weekend, I am looking forward for a break from my friend alcohol. He's a bad influence on me and doesn't help my weight loss whatsoever!

I'll keep you posted on my training!

Cheers to your week!


  1. Hey lady-friend. So sorry about the concert stuff BUT listen up: I have seen both Rhianna and KC and Rhianna sucked. It was horrible. She had the play back on the whole time and I can't even say for sure if I even actually heard her sing something. KC was great. I would see her again so I am bummed for you she backed out. But at least you will have a slew of other lovely ladies to rock out to.

    Also, just about everything in your post makes me nostalgic! The title, Sports Column (a college dayz thing) and just being able to go to shows when ever you want. Have fun!

  2. Sorry to hear about the concerts being canceled. Doesn't sound like something fun.

    The half-marathon sounds neat. I wish I could join you! Will look forward to hearing about how your training for that goes!

  3. Kaity....if I can run a half marathon so can you!!!!! You have probably already done this..but if not, google a 1/2M training schedule. I stuck to it and did great. It is really so much. I ran the half in St. Louis with a friend. You will do wonderful!!!!
    Love ya

  4. That sounds like the best half marathon ever!! That would totally distract me from the pain : )


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