Thursday, June 17

sad week for my jewelry

Guys - my jewelry is in a state of dispair. Seriously, all my beloved silver and gems are going to gang up and riot against me for not taking proper care of them!

First of all, if you remember all the way back to December (I don't even remember December so I'll link it for ya ;) ), you'll know that I got a GORGEOUS ring for Christmas. My friend Katherine makes such lovely jewelry, and Tyler was so sweet and got me a ring of hers. I have adored this ring so much and wear it almost every day. Alas, in the last week, I have not been able to find it :(   Seriously, I am SO sad! I hate feeling irresponsible and losing things always gets me so upset - especially when it's not just a ring from Kohl's or something, it's a ring that was specifically handmade for me. Given to me as a gift from my love. Ugh, I am so down in the dumps about it. And I cannot find it anywhere.

Secondly, I bought a cocktail ring on Memorial Day in Estes Park at the Arts & Crafts show. I haven't purchased any large cocktail-esque rings before, and so I decided to get myself a cutsie summer ring! It is a large flower with each petal being a different color: blue, green, white, pink, and orange. Each of the bright colors are infused with glitter. It's so bright! It's so summery! It's so me! But of course, last night I accidentally whacked it on the wall (it does stick out quite a lot, to be fair), and one of the lovely glittery flower petals snapped right off and dropped to the floor. Where Gryffin then tried to eat it. I did save the petal from the mongrel, but what am I going to do - super glue it? *sigh* I guess I'll have to try!

Lastly, all my sterling silver (and I have quite a collection because my Grandma sells Native American jewelry) is looking awful. I have neglected it so much! I need to have some quality silver-and-me time and polish everything up nice and pretty.

And thennnn, Tyler informed me this afternoon that he broke part of his watch today. His multi-hundred dollar Seiko watch. Poor guy,  he has taken SUCH good care of that watch for the last 3 or 4 years, and he was pretty bummed. I know this last jewelry example wasn't my jewelry per se, but just another sad jewelry event in my household.

Okay, that is all. Cross your fingers and toes for me that my little special ring will turn up! Thanks!

Cheers (I guess) ;)


  1. If it makes you feel any better my husband lost his wedding ring last month. We've looked and looked and finally had to accept it's gone. So now he gets a cheapo ring since he can't be trusted with nice ones. =)
    I hope yours turns up!

  2. Oh no, that is sad that you lost the ring. I hope that you end up finding it someplace that you would have never expected to find it! Also hope that the rest of the jewelry gets clean and fixed.


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