Tuesday, June 8

progress in the living room

If you read my post last week about FINALLY getting my homebuyer's credit, you'll know that I was so excited to get to work on my living room! On Friday night we went to American Furniture Warehouse and picked out our lovely new couch and entertainment center! It was delivered and set up yesterday, so now I can have an in progress picture to show you! We still have some of our old furniture in the way until the Salvation Army comes to pick it up next Friday. 
Old couch. Not too bad, and so comfortable! But most likely 30 + years old and has had better days. Creeks when you sit on it and has some stuff broken along the bottom. It's time to go, little couch. (Notice the sleepy brown furball curled up behind the red blanket :) Baby Penny!)
Our coffee table was a wedding gift, all the other furniture is hand-me-down stuff that has worked well, but we just wanted an updated look, you know? 

New couch! Still on the fence about the pillows...what do you think?
New entertainment center! Love it! What do you think about the plant vine across the top? I'm undecided on whether I like it. I have a couple plants I need to repot in matching pots then I am going to stick them on top of the speakers on the floor. And I know our little TV looks pathetic right now! haha. We are waiting for some sort of sale on TVs (Father's Day weekend I am thinking) to get a new one, just in time for the World Cup! Awesome! So exciting! And I'm hoping to find a rug that I like sometime soon. Something neutral, I'm thinking. I'm really picky with rugs though, so it could be a while. And also something for the walls, but that's not urgent. So there you have it, a work in progress! I love the new additions so far! I'll keep you posted :)



  1. i MISS afw! We have nowhere like that around here...it has such good deals and great decor!
    i really like the pillows! I thought that before I got to the part where you said you're undecided! I like the plant vine, too. thanks for linking up! Enjoy your evening!

  2. Girl, lookin good! I totally dig the new couch; microfiber is super easy to maintain and I'm UBER jealous of the entertainment center. Usually I don't like them because they're too chunky but yours is cute and def goes with the space! Nice work, Kaity :)
    This reminds me, maybe I should post some "in progress" pics soon, huh?

  3. Thanks for coming through and visiting my family's living areas!

    I love before and afters..way to go! The couch looks nice, and I like the geometric patterned pillows!


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