Tuesday, May 18

beautiful decal!

Okay, guys, I can hardly contain my excitement but I got my decal in the mail yesterday!!! My wonderful friend Amanda was in Denver last night staying with us, and she helped me put it up! Here are the final results of the wall!
Love it love it love it!!!!

It looks so amazing! So here is our before: 

And after:

Big difference! Now I just need to find the perfect comforter to match! I'm thinking white with a green pattern. I can't find the right green though. Hmmmm. 

In puppy news, we have had NAUGHTY puppies this week! We think mostly naughty Penny, but it's hard to tell who has destroyed what when we come home to a mess that was made while we were away. *sigh*

They turned on the outside water AGAIN. This is the third time. Tyler got a call from our maintenance guy saying, "Water is running from your  backyard into the street. When I peeked into your backyard I saw your dogs playing in water." Geez. So we finally went to Home Depot and got a cover for it. The only problem is it's made of destructible material, so I'm guessing they eat it.We're lucky that our HOA pays our water bill because who knows how much water they've wasted in their shenanigans!

But worse than the water, Penny went to TOWN on our tree. Stripping the bark off of all that she could reach. Poor, poor tree. This is the damage, and the black stuff is tree tar that is supposed to prevent disease while the tree heals:
Top half. 
Bottom half. 
So then, we fenced the tree off, thinking this would give the tree time/space away from puppies to heal...

But no, we came home to find Penny had dug under the fence and scratched on top of the tar! Ugh. So frustrating! These puppies sure can try my patience! But at the end of the day, I still love them to pieces, despite the fact that I cannot figure out how to keep Penny from killing that poor tree!

In work out/diet update, things are going really well! I have been working out every day, really trying to push what I think are my limits. I've been eating sooo much better, too! Loaded up on another week of fresh fruits/veggies for the meals I have planned for this week! Last night I made a panko encrusted cod with sauteed zuchinni and homemade tarter sauce - for a total of 245 cals/serving! Courtesy of Cooking Light magazine - which I have been loving lately!
Happy Tuesday, ya'll, hope it's going well!
Cheers :)


  1. I LOVE it, the green in the bedroom is so drastically AWESOME! WOW! :)

  2. Your bedroom looks amazing!! I am going to try and tackle ours this summer too. I'm tired of how plain and boring it looks! And I hear you on the puppies. Willow can try my patience like no one's business.

  3. Love the bedroom, darling! It looks great! Good luck with the comforter search - I had something very specific in mind when I was looking for mine and eventually had to switch to something different. In the end I think I like what I have now more than whatever it was I was looking for.
    And good luck with those pups! My mom's one year old lab is a chewer too - tree branches, bushes, you name it. Have you tried spraying it with that sour apple stuff? I hear dogs HATE that stuff, maybe that will deter her/them?

  4. We got a citronella oil/garlic oil/cinnamon etc spray that's supposed to deter them but is safe for animals and plants...Gryffin started licking it off of everything we put it on...haha!

  5. The tree is so cute! I have a tree decal in our guest room and love it. It's very different from this one though! I have sayings and uppercase things all over my house---I'm obsessed! I was actually thinking of doing a post on them all : )
    Sorry but I am cracking up about the dogs--well mostly just what the water guy said. I can just imagine him looking back there and seeing your dogs in heaven! Sorry they are being so naughty though!

  6. Love the tree decal. I'm wanting to decorate my room with paint and a decal but am still trying to figure out what design I would want.

    Oh, I read your post to my mom and she just loved the word: shenanigans. Said that I should incorporate that word into my vocab.

    Hope that your puppy troubles start getting better.

  7. I would have been nervous for that green because it is so bold, but it turned out great. I really love it! :)


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