Saturday, April 3

operation disney fix

Okay, so remember in February my post about my obsession and complete adoration of classic Disney movies? Well, this morning I woke up wishing I could watch some Disney flicks...and...well let me back track a second. As you also may know, I have been reading the Confessions of a Shopaholic series, and I just finished the third one last night. While I REALLY enjoy these books - they are hilarious, witty, frothy, and girly - (the type of book I've just got to read after a string of serious ones), maybe the central subject and main character are rubbing off on Because what do I do when I suddenly want to watch a Disney movie? Go to and buy 7SEVEN7 of them! haha. But really, I've totally justified most of it. Tyler and I already agreed that Gryffin was kind of our anniversary present to each other, but then he said maybe I could spend $50 on Disney movies (so long as they aren't all Princess ones) and that could be a joint gift too. Score! Then I was going to spend about $25 on myself as a reward for my 8 day workout stretch. So that covers $75, and only leaves me with $28 unaccounted for. But really, $103 for 7 NEW Disney DVDs (including shipping) isn't bad at all, right?!?! Maybe I went a little overboard, but I don't really care, and here's my list of movies I ordered! Cannot wait for their arrival!

1. The Sword in the Stone (45th Anniversary Special Edition)  $14.83
2. Sleeping Beauty (2-Disc Platinum Edition) $11.88
3. Mulan (Special Edition)
4. The Jungle Book (40th Anniversary Platinum Edition)
5. Robin Hood (Most Wanted Edition <---yeah, it really said that...what the H does that even mean?)
6. The Princess and the Frog (Single Disc Widescreen)
7. The Great Mouse Detective (Mystery in the Mist Edition <---again...WTH?)
              #3-7 I got for $76.95 and free shipping

Total = $103. The giddiness and look of childish elation you will see on my face combined with the hopping up and down that is bound to occur when I receive these little gems = pRiCeLeSs!

Why do I feel the need to write what kind of edition each DVD is? Because it makes me feel fancy that there are all these platinum-anniversary-most-wanted-special-editions out there. And it makes me feel like I got an even better deal! 

I think I got a decent selection - but sadly, there are 3 movies I REALLY SUPER BAD wanted, but they started at like $30 for new ones. These 3 faves are: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Aladdin. Yeah, seriously so expensive! But I'll get to them eventually, don't you worry! Just need to spend some more time at the gym and then they can be prizes!!! Haha.

Oh geez, so that's pretty much all. I felt the need to post about this since in February I kind of stated that it is an AMBITION of mine to start collecting Disney movies. And that's what my blog is all about, right? Realizing and acting on my goals! Also...I guess it's sort of a confession since I kind of went Disney crazy! 

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!
Cheers to DISNEY!!!


  1. that is awesome!
    i am so the same way--as long as I feel like i'm getting a deal on something, it's worth it, no matter how much i'm actually spending ; )

  2. Yay for Disney!! Those movies sound so good!!

  3. Man, I need to get on my collection for kids someday. We have on Disney movie, Aladdin, and I would love to add The Lion King and Mulan first.
    I may have to steal your idea...

  4. You are awesome!!!! :-) HAPPY EASTER! Hope you had a nice weekend!! :-)


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