Sunday, October 3

the birthday boy {puppy}

So I feel like a neglectful puppy mommy because I have wanted to do a post on little Gryffin's birthday since Wednesday! And I have just been so very busy! Work, house stuff, friend time, and Fort Collins yesterday for the Colorado State University rugby alumni game! But I'm not being too hard on myself because I did give him a great birthday! Here are some pics and a video of him eating the birthday cake I made him! Without further ado...

Here is what he got at his birthday trip to Petsmart on Monday. He literally pulled that pink pig off of a display! Haha. He LOVES his pig!

Don't worry, I didn't leave Penny out of all the fun :) Isn't is cute how dainty-like she holds her treat?

 Yum, yum, mama!

Playing with Mr. Pig

Sleepy after all the excitement of the outing, treats, and playing!

On Monday I also made him a birthday puppy cake! He and Penny enjoyed this a lot because I let them lick the bowl and beaters! They don't usually get to lick bowls or anything, so they were STOKED!
Waiting patiently for the bowl licking to commence.
 Yum yum yum!
 Beaters are delish!
 The cake! Cinnamon peanut butter banana cake!
 Waiting for it to cool and be frosted.
 Here it is!
 Penny pretty eager for cake time.
 Getting a piggy back ride from daddy!
 Cutie birthday boy!

Before: Waiting patiently for me to say, "Take it!"
{Notice that there is a slice of cake missing...Tyler wanted some cake, too! And the frosting bone melted since it was made of yogurt! Haha.}
 After: The damage.
 Big fans of puppy cake.
 Thank you, dad!
 Thanks, mom!
 Can we nap now?

The end.

Cheers to my baby boy!


  1. So cute!! The picture with Griffin sleeping with the pig is so cute. Penny chewing on her treat all girly like is adorable.

    Great pictures!!! Looks like he had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Sounds like a perfect doggie birthday!


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