Monday, October 11

rest & relaxation

This last week I have just been FULL to the brim with stress. October, while it is one of my favorite months, has turned out to be a VERY busy month for me! And while I generally pride myself on being able to multi-task efficiently, I haven't had this much on my plate in a really long time! I have a bachelorette party & wedding this week, my first half-marathon on Sunday, a really stressful situation at work to deal with, my Halloween party to plan, and my PA interview to prepare for. I am just taking this PA interview SO seriously, because it is actually determining my life direction. Ugh. 


The point of this post is not to vent. I wanted to tell you that I knew I was in desperate need of a little R & R, and I took this weekend as a chance to unwind from all my stressers.

Saturday morning was a treat because I had a girls' morning with Manuel getting manis and pedis! I NEVER do this! This was literally my third manicure and second pedicure in my lifetime. I got a sparkling pumpkin shade on the toesies and a rich merlot on my fingers! I went fall all around! It was so good to get pampered, and for a total of $33 {including tip!}, I'd have to say it was money well spent. Plus I got complementary therapy as I unloaded all my stress onto Manuel :)

Saturday afternoon, Tyler and I picked up my sister at the "drop spot" in Longmont @ McDonalds. We had lunch there, and collected the first of our Monopoly game pieces. I really want to win something awesome, but I don't really want to eat that much McD's...hmmmm...what to do??? I'd really love to win a million bucks! 

Anyway, so we took my sister back to our place, and the giggle therapy commenced. We watched my shows that I had DVR'd during the week and just lounged on the couch. 

This might be the worst picture of me ever, but it was the perfect action shot of getting a kiss from I had to share!
Next, I had to show my sister the puppies' Halloween costumes! Here is sneak peek preview of their outfits!

Sorry it's blurry, but Gryffin is a little businessman! Haha

They are so annoyed with me...

Penny, my little flower!

We then went to Safeway and got a smorgasbord of delicious items for dinner. Bagel Bites for dinner, and a variety of meats, cheeses, olives, and crackers to comprise our appetizer :) When Tyler got home from a study session, we all had hot fudge sundaes to top off the day! {No need to watch your diet when you're trying to avoid being stressed out!}

Sunday morning, my sister and I met my cousin at Snooze for a much-needed tasty brunch! My cousin lives in Denver, yet I never ever see him! I would just have to kick myself if another holiday came around where I saw him and promised to hang out with him soon. So I decided to finally make good on that promise and I am so glad I did! We had the BEST breakfasts {variation of Eggs Benedict: poached eggs on english muffins with brie, prosciutto, arugula, hollandaise, and balsamic vinegar!!!} and of course --- Bloody Marys. It was the best! 

We returned home, took power naps on the couch, and then carved pumpkins! My end result didn't really match the vision...but it was still fun :)

 Not many seeds in our pumpkins, I was kind of sad!

Lindsey's awesome design - a la Martha Stewart!

Supposed to be the Rocky Mountains under the stars and moon :) 

Alas, after the pumpkin carving, it was time to take my sister back to my parents. The drive wasn't bad, though, and I got home just as it was getting dark @ 7pm. Way too early for the pitch black of night, in my opinion :/

I finished the night with Desperate Housewives, and talking in bed with the husband. Perfect :) I'm glad I took the weekend off from obligations because I really got a chance to recharge for my crazy week! But now that it's Monday, it's back to reality and busy bee-ness! Starting now with a trip to the gym!

I hope you all had a great weekend :)
Are you carving pumpkins soon?


  1. Glad that you were able to have a relaxing weekend with your sister. If I make it to McD's anytime and get any of the Monopoly pieces I will send them your way. Your pumpkin is neat! Penny's and Griffin's cute!

  2. Sounds like such a fun time with your sister. Makes me miss mine! Glad you had such a relaxing time!


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