Sunday, October 3


Good afternoon!
October and December are absolutely my favorite months of the year! And October has finally arrived! YAY! I'm practically obsessed. When I got off work Friday morning {October 1st}, I came right home and set up a few little decorations! 

I have been checking out the decorations on some of your lovely blogs, and I adore the festive fall leaves and pumpkins y'all have got going on! I wish I had more decorations, but I'm trying to keep the excess spending to a minimum these days. So I only spent $15 at Target + $10 for the puppies' Halloween costumes! 

Here is my little Halloween spread:
Mr. Ghosty!

He changes colors!!!

Mr. Happy Pumpkin :)

Thank you Michael's clearance last year!

In addition, I have a few other candle arrangements, a cute little trick-or-treat sign hanging on a door, pumpkin kitchen towels, and ghost hand towels in the bathroom.

LOVE LOVE LOVE October. Not only does the anticipation of Halloween make me excited for months before the big day, but Halloween is also my "togetherness" anniversary with my hubby. This month marks 7 years together! October {at least the first half} is also possibly the most beautiful Colorado month to me. The fall days are sheer perfection! Weather in the 70s, slight breeze, and the turning of the leaves! 

Here is a pic from winter 2004 :) Tyler still had hair then...

So I got the cutest little costumes for the puppies! $5 at Target, that way, when they are inevitably shredded on the inaugural wearing of them, it's no big deal! Penny will be a pink flower, and Gryffin will be a little businessman with a hat and tie! Haha. We tried them on over the weekend and they are too stinkin' cute! I can't wait :) 

Now I just have to pull together Tyler & my costumes, and we'll be set! Oh and then there's the minor detail of the Halloween Eleganza Extravaganza that Mandrew and Tyler/me are hosting! It's going to be so much fun! We better get to work on plans. We are going to a corn maze then to Mandrew's for some games, haunted house {or garage}, costume contest, and dancing {Monster Mash}!!!

What are YOUR plans for Halloween? Any fun pet/human costumes planned???

Happy October to you!


  1. So Jeremy and I LITERALLY started dating RIGHT before you guys! 7 years together on the 17th of this month. How funny is that?!?
    Your Halloween plans sound like so much fun! I think I'm going to buy a pumpkin costume for Willow and hope she can keep it on for more than an hour. =)

  2. Love the decorations! Can't wait to see the doggies costumes!


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