Tuesday, October 26

halloween a la heidi klum!


I hope you are all enjoying your week before Halloween! I just got done watching the Rocky Horror Glee episode...and it was certainly entertaining! I'm actually STOKED because I have never seen the actual 70s movie, and I am going to a midnight showing of it on Friday night. Getting costume {corset} stuff tomorrow and I'm totally going to do my makeup so tran-glam! Excited excited excited is me. Have any of you seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? In one of those crazy environments where there's the audience participation: throwing toasting, spraying water, hollering in all the right places...crazy! 

Needless to say, I am super excited for this weekend!

Friday night = party decorating.
Saturday = haunted houses, haunted corn maze, and epic party time.

What are your Halloween plans?

I was just looking at some pictures today of Heidi Klum's amazing Halloween history...and I had to share with you. Man, I have always loved her, but the incredible costumes she comes up with just made me love her even more! She gives new meaning to "going all out!" I read that she wears custom-fitted fangs and colored contacts {my dream!} every year as part of her costume! So here, for your enjoyment, are some of Heidi's previous costumes...

2001 - Lady Godiva

2002 - Betty Boop

2003 - Sexy Alien

2005 - Vampire Lady
how badass is this??? seriously.

2006 - Eve in Garden of Eden
She dressed as the snake within the apple - this was when she was 8 months pregnant. Brilliant!

2007 - Sexy Cat
The collar's tag said, "If found, please return to Seal." Adorable!

2008 - Hindu Goddess Kali
She. Goes. All. Out.

2009 - Raven

Damn! I wonder what she is going to be this year??? I am not a Heidi stalker. Just an admirer. Here is a picture from one of my favorite Halloweens - 2 years ago when we went dressed as the Simmonses --- I was Gene Simmons from KISS and my hubby was Richard Simmons!!!

Haha! I loved it!
Happy haunting to you!!!

Cheers :)

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  1. This is awesome!!! At first I thought they were just random pictures of celebrities' costumes..then I started reading your captions closer and thought "wait..this is ALL Heidi Klum??" She is my hero. Favorite German girl, and my FAVORITE Victoria's Secret model.


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