Friday, October 22

spiders --- eeeek!

Well, it's October, alright. The spiders are deciding it's getting chilly outside and are trying to shack up in my home. NO WAY, SPIDERS! Any ole' spider will usually gross me out, but this morning...excuse me a second, I can hardly type this without shivering or vomiting...there was a black widow in my living room :( :( :( 
{I am gagging at the sight of this picture}

GROSS! Luckily I saw it before the puppies did, or they would've played their game of "put the spider in your mouth, then spit it out, then pick it up, then spit it out..." So I did the ole' cup/piece of paper manuver to scoop it up and flush it down the toilet. I literally still have goosebumps and it's been 45 minutes since the episode. And my head is all itchy just thinking about it. And I'm starving for breakfast but I can't eat because I keep thinking of that nasty huge spider. 


You know, when I lived in Costa Rica for a summer, and the spiders there were tarantulas and other spiders the size of my hand, I got a lot better about handling the itty bitty dime and quarter size guys back at home. In fact, when I lived with 5 other girls, I was the resident spider killer. But it's been 4 years since that trip, and I am back to my little scaredy pants self.

Are you grossed out by spiders?
What is the one living creature on this Earth that scares you the most?
For me, it's definitely SHARKS! They scare the living daylight out of me. 
During Shark Week, I watch as much as I can so that I know how to punch one the right way if it comes to attack me. I prefer to avoid them, but in the event of an encounter, I'm ready to beat one up.

Cheers --- To thinking about happy things: rainbows and puppies and sunshine and...

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  1. Sharks absolutely teriffy me! In fact, just looking at the picture you posted makes my heart race and my hands shake.'s pretty bad. Ack! I'm also not a fan of spiders, especially of the poisonous variety.


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