Monday, November 1

celeb crush revision

Hey hey! 

Happy November!

Today, my plan of attack is to pack up Halloween, blow some kisses into those Halloween boxes, and wish it all well for the next 11 months until I see it again :) Then meal planning {and tons of recipes to follow, I promise}, grocery shopping, and a trip to the gym for a good sweat {work off some of my Halloween weekend...}

And in between my chores, I am working on making a dent in Season 4 of Brothers & Sisters. Season 4 brings the addition of Gilles Marini to the cast. And he is SMOKIN' HOTT. I hope you all know who I'm talking about. In case you don't...let me share the hotness with you:

To say that I have a crush on Mr. Marini is an understatement. I am realizing that I made a horrible mistake in my list of top 10 celeb crushes I posted in July. {If you missed that post, here's the link so you can check out some good looking fellas:} Gilles smashes so far beyond my previous #1 that he is an a completely different realm. 

And it's not just his face that is pretty...

OMG. He first came to my attention {and my liking} when he starred on Dancing With the Stars a few years ago. There is almost nothing hotter than Gilles doing a Latin dance. 

This Frenchman also showed us a different set of goods during the Sex and the City Movie. He kind of stole the show, I'd say. Now, I have a renewed interest in sticking with Brothers & Sisters :) 

Yum yum. Just thought I'd share my adoration of a foreign sexy dancing family man. Happy Monday to you {and to me}



  1. Seriously, yum! I so love watching him every week on Brothers and Sisters. :-)

  2. I love reading your plans for the day :) It always sounds so cute, homey, and perfectlittlehousewifey :)

  3. Okay...Gilles is GORGEOUS.

    My new celeb man-crush?
    Joe Mananiello - from True Blood. OMG, google him. Amazing. These two boys? Yum.

    And your other post? I know that you want to do it yourself (thus the diy aspect) but if you win, Tyler should have to finish those dressers you want done for your room! They're both so cute and once they're finished...voila! A touch of class - and let's face it, it's gonna be a pain in the arse.

    Love you.


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