Tuesday, November 9

cheese festival??? yes, indeed!

Happy Tuesday to you!

How has November been treating you?

Unbelievably, it is still sunny and in the 70s here in Colorado! Usually there's snow by mid October, and by Halloween for SURE! Snow is on the forecast for Thursday, but hey, if November 11th is the first snow, I'll take it! 

Anyhoo. Guess what I did this weekend??? Tyler, the in-laws, and I went to the Colorado Cheese Festival! haha. Cheese is like my favorite food, and when groupon.com told me there was an entire festival dedicated to cheese, my smile got real big real fast. We tried probably more than 100 cheeses...heaven! Goat cheese, chevres, sheep cheese, cheddars, blues, bread cheese...the list goes on! Fabulous! Here are a few pictures from the day :)

The In-Laws

Cheese Lovers!

My notepad of favorite cheeses - most of which I can find at King Soopers! Yay!

Do any of you love cheese as much as I do???
Cheers :)


  1. I love CHEESE!!! Wish we had something like this I could attend!! xoxo!

  2. Okay, you might have just described my most perfect day ever. I must find a cheese festival near me!! :)

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  4. This makes me so angry....I MISSED THE CHEESE FESTIVAL!!!! I'm glad you had fun though...it looks like it was a blast. I'm only sorry I missed it.
    Elizabeth Wallace


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