Tuesday, November 2

oh man...

Happy Election Day!

Here in Colorado I am crossing my fingers that Ken Buck is not elected to help run our government... but anyhoo. Let's not talk politics, too messy amongst friends!

I am writing to tell you about an awesome thing my friend told me about today. I ran into a girl I played rugby with in college at the gym. She told me that she and 12 friends got together to do a Biggest Loser challenge! For 3 months, they weigh in weekly and hold each other accountable. There was a $50 buy in to "play", and the winner {most percentage of body weight lost} gets the $$$ - $600! That's awesome incentive! I thought that idea was so cool, and I was telling my husband about it.

We came up with our own little game! We decided that we need to get better about going to the gym, and I need to stay on track with food better. Not a diet, per say...but maybe that is what I need to get myself on track. But anyway, we decided that if one of us skips the gym {mandatory 5 days/week}, then we have to put a dollar in a fund that goes toward something the other person really wants. My husband wants an ant farm. Yes, an ant farm. REALLY??? Well, I guess we all have our dreams... I am BOUND & DETERMINED that we NEVER have an ant farm in our home, so I am going to work my ass off to assure that I don't put dollars into his ant farm fund.

So it turns out my fear of having an ant farm just may help me get into shape! Haha. Now I have to come up with something that I could buy that he would REALLY hate to have in the house. He hates pink and Jersey Shore. But I don't necessarily want a lot of pink decor or J Shore seasons or anything like that. Do you have any ideas for me? I need to motivate him to hit the gym or else I get to buy _______ .

Cheers! (what have I gotten myself into?!?!)


  1. That's a little funny that what Tyler wants is an ant farm. But hey, if that motivation of getting one helps him to go to the gym then heck that's not so bad. I do understand though...I would not want to have an ant farm either. Ants belong outside.

    Hmmm....something for you?? Is there something that is not too expensive that you have had your eyes on for a really long time? Like some sort of neat decor for your house? Or something that you have noticed while shopping?

  2. Tyler wants an ant farm?! WTF? hahaha!! I find that to be both strange and hilarious.

  3. I had that exact ant farm when I was in 2nd grade and the ants escaped and infested my bedroom. We had to call an exterminator and it was a NIGHTMARE! You'd better win this challenge. :)

  4. Ha! I love your challenge. Love that your husband wants an ant farm. Ew! :)


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