Thursday, November 11

when a sick girl goes to target...

Hey friends :)

I want to thank you for your sweet well wishes yesterday! I went to the doctor, and have a respiratory infection. Blah. She said my lungs are filled with mucus...yummy image, right? So I left the doctor's office with three prescriptions and a note for work, and headed to Super Target to get my prescriptions filled. As you know, when you drop off a prescription {or 3}, you have a wait a minute {or 20} to get them filled. What's a girl to do during that 20 minute window? Shop, I guess... *sheepish grin ensues*

There are a few fall trends I have been eyeballing, and I decided to give them a test try-on. And I ended up buying 4 of them :) 

1. A fabulous oversized teal neckwarmer. Similar to this but in a gorgeous teal color!

2. A heather gray hat with a hint of sparkle. Like this but the lightest shade of gray:

3. A caramel brown skinny braided belt to pair with my fall cardigans. Similar to this, but better :)
4. A gray and white striped wool button-down cardigan. Complete with short sleeves and a way better high-neck than this example. 

Obviously I couldn't find exact pictures of my purchases, but that's okay. I am happy with my little trip to fall accessory land, and I am currently lounging in a long sleeve white tee, my cardigan, long underwear pants, wool knee-high house slippers. Perfect sick-wear {yep, I just made up that category!}.

Thanks Target, much love. Aaaaand before I forget, much love to the Veterans of our country. One of my favorite sayings about Vets is that "all gave some, some gave all." How true. Thank you, from the warmest part of my heart, to all those who have/are/will serve our country. It is a blessing to have these brave individuals among us

Cheers :)


  1. Sounds like I need to make a trip to Target! I have wanted to try the neck warmer too! And that really is an amazing veterans quote..thanks for sharing!

  2. GOTTA Love the mucus right? Pooor girlfriend! I hope you get to feeling better soon!! Are you taking Mucinex? That really works, especially to help break it all up in your chest (the croupy cough) You can buy that over the counter. You have made me want to go to Target now.......I LOOVE scarf! I am about to purchase one MESELF hahaha Thank you for reminding me.

  3. I'm really intrigued by the neckwarmer...I may just need to pop into Target after work tonight. And, I've been on the hunt for a belt for my cardigans, too (since I feel the need to wear them like 4 times a week). I like the one you pictured and can only imagine how awesome/cute/perfect your actual one is!

  4. Target always makes me feel better too ;) Get well soon! xo


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