Tuesday, September 21

you go, gaga

While no one can deny that the Ga has reset artistic and creative standards in the music and performing world {meat dress, anyone???}, I am sure some debate whether her influence is positive or just plain crazy. 

I was really pleased that she has decided to use her fame as a platform for an important issue: the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy that the military has adopted to prevent openly GLBs from serving in the armed forces. First, she showed up at the VMAs with some former military personnel who have been discharged for being openly homosexual. She furthered her public support for the repeal of 'DADT' by making an address in Maine last night. It's phenomenal. I really was impressed. Her main statement is that we shouldn't be sending gays home...we should be sending those with prejudice and hatred in their hearts home. If you haven't seen it, at least watch the first few minutes of it. 

Unfortunately, the senate vote to repeal of 'DADT' lost today, by a vote of 56-43. 
What. The. F***. 
I mean, seriously?!?!

I read a comment on facebook that really struck a chord with me. In response to the failed repeal, someone wrote, "I fail to understand how making gays' lives miserable will make theirs any better." There is so much freaking truth to this statement. Ugh. 

It's so frustrating. 
We all take our basic rights for granted. 
I know so many WONDERFUL people that happen to be gay or lesbian. The people I have in mind are kind, generous, open-minded, tolerant, intelligent, and genuine. Why oh why do these people deserve to get the short end of the stick?

It honestly sickens and boggles me that this prejudice is so alive and well. It's like racism. My kids' generation are going to be like, "I can't BELIEVE gays didn't have their full rights when you grew up." Just the same as we said to our parents and grandparents, "I can't BELIEVE black people didn't have their full rights when you grew up."

What can I do?
Continue to "like" Gaga's posts about equality for ALL on facebook?

I do know that I will:
Continue to be a proud ally, rockin' my rainbow bumper sticker on my car and my 'equality' tattoo on my wrist.
Continue to share knowledge with closed-minded and prejudiced people.
Continue to support my friends, and be loud about the injustice of all policies/behaviors/slurs that are derogatory to them. 

Just because there are some boys who love glitter and showstopping tunes doesn't mean they're bad people. 
Just because there are some girls who love to kick ass on the rugby field and outdrink grown men doesn't mean they're bad people.
They're some of the best people I know. 
And they deserve the best.
They deserve equality. 

You go, Gaga.
I love you more than ever. 
Thank you for using your fame to open the minds and ears of people worldwide. 
I only hope that one day, the government will listen, and this type of prejudice will be put behind us so we can all move forward together. 

Now that something I can cheers to.


  1. I say Cheers to this, Kaity! You said it better than I ever could, and I applaud you for putting this out there!!

  2. Hi bloggy bff! (: Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't wait to read more about you!

  3. Love this post! No one should be judging people for who they are. I know that in our human nature that we judge but I think that we all need to learn not to be judging.

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello! What a great blog YOU have!! I just finished Water for Elephants! Can't wait for the movie to come out!

  5. PS. Your follower box isn't working right now! :(

  6. Hi!!! :) Thank you for the comment the other day! So so sweet! I agree, it looks like we DO have a lot in common! How fun! Def. looking forward to reading more about you. Oh, and I agree with this post completely!


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